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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Valentine treasures are people who have shined the warmth of love
or a spark of light that makes you remember them.
No matter how long since we've actually met,

Each one of you is a luminous gem who gleams and glows in our memory,
Bringing special pleasures, and that's why this Valentine's Gift comes to you ... Read more »
Category: Release | Views: 3016 | Added by: RosaAzul | Date: 14/Feb/2012 | Comments (40)

Happy Chinese New Year for everyone!
I really hope all your wishes come true this year.

Today you will be able to enjoy the following Manwhas:
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Category: Release | Views: 2487 | Added by: RosaAzul | Date: 22/Jan/2012 | Comments (16)

Hi everyone,
It’s Azu. I’ve gone for a very long time and I am finally back. My friend, Roja, is not able to do the release this time. So I took care of the release today.

I know you guys have waited long for it and as we promised, here is the release for this month. Happy Holidays!

Please enjoy. Drop ... Read more »

Category: Release | Views: 2956 | Added by: RosaAzul | Date: 31/Dec/2011 | Comments (29)

Hey everyone!

Me again to bring you another release, I couldn't leave without releasing this.

This one I know a lot of you guys will love, since you being asking for this chapters.

with this we give you another chapter on Cinderella and we finish vol 1 on Girl. YAY!
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Category: Release | Views: 5134 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 02/Sep/2011 | Comments (33)

Hey Everyone!

Is that day again a new release, which I know we all were wait for.

I want to start like always to our amazing staff, and our joint groups. For making this release possible today.

For all Hwang Miri' fans

< ... Read more »
Category: Release | Views: 2463 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 27/Aug/2011 | Comments (17)

Hey everyone,

I am so happy to be doing this release today, since I haven't being able to be that much around.
I miss you guys a lot, but hopefully I will be back soon.

Ok for what we are really here, I want to thank the staff and those amazing people we call Knights. They being working so hard to make this releases possible. Thank you all for your congratulation in our anniversary, I hope you all like all the changes we did.

This release is for all those big fan of Hwang Miri, those who being asking for this manwhas, we bring you half of them t ... Read more »
Category: Release | Views: 27039 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 22/Jul/2011 | Comments (36)

Hey Guys i know you all waited a long time for our Anniversary and today is the day we will release. As for our first Anniversary we have something special created. Lets see what has changed? ... Read more »
Category: Release | Views: 5838 | Added by: Rosa_Dorada | Date: 26/Jun/2011 | Comments (86)

Happy Father's Day

Like we promise, here a special release today, 

 We are staring another amazing vol in both of them, and giving you half of it today.

Thank you to our staff for their hard work in this release and our upcoming Annv release.

In another note and as a reminder ... Read more »
Category: Release | Views: 2210 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 19/Jun/2011 | Comments (25)

Hey there everyone!

How are you all?! Here I am again giving you some release this time we are staring another vol on

and giving you more on 

our next release will be on Father' Day if there no missing. And then later our Annv release and My Boyfriend is a Vampire annv release. I know you guys will like that one.

In another note we will be releasing some specific manwhas after our an ... Read more »
Category: Release | Views: 2501 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 06/Jun/2011 | Comments (32)

Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing, just stopping by to bring you another release on

With this release we start and finish another vol.
I thank all your great comments in our latest new manhwas. And as we promise this is one of those surprise releases we will be doing while getting ready for our Annv. release.
 I wonder which manhwa will be next buahaa.

with Love
Rosa Roja
Category: Release | Views: 1156 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 15/May/2011 | Comments (14)

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