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Release #39 | Chinese New Year
Happy Chinese New Year for everyone!
I really hope all your wishes come true this year.

Today you will be able to enjoy the following Manwhas:

Volume 02 Chapter 03

With Love,
Azu and RN staff

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16 acheter tadalafil   (21/Feb/2012 10:57 AM) [Entry]
ete introduit sur le marche par la.

15 mandy   (28/Jan/2012 4:49 AM) [Entry]
thank for the good work "fighting" RedFox1 love

14 skabenitez   (27/Jan/2012 8:41 PM) [Entry]
thanks!! for all is amazing this releases!! Crying giggle

10 Maya   (24/Jan/2012 6:56 PM) [Entry]
It was worth the wait. Beggingeyes
Thanks for the releases.

11 Emarald   (25/Jan/2012 2:17 PM) [Entry]
You said it!

9 chintya   (24/Jan/2012 10:59 AM) [Entry]
i like it very much RedFox1

8 Manazyaoi   (23/Jan/2012 8:54 PM) [Entry]
Oh that cool are you guys gonna do a monthly update ya thats sooo awesome yayayay hehehe if you guys wanna you know no pressure lol add She's Scary to the next batch shine happiness would fill my heart though I luv all the projects and wooot eyebrows next is Feb. and the finishing of My Boyfriend is a Vampire hahahaha giggle Cant wait..

7 Katedizzy   (23/Jan/2012 1:27 AM) [Entry]
thank you for updating! Very happy. :) giggle

6 anoli   (22/Jan/2012 11:01 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for new releases. shine

5 xXDeathCandyXx   (22/Jan/2012 9:29 PM) [Entry]
OMFG I just read Miunohri to Swan
and I'm about to go crazy over here SHOUTS
I want to see how this is going to play out
thank guys sooooo very much for the AWESOMENESS love

12 Emarald   (25/Jan/2012 2:18 PM) [Entry]
I know right?
its my fav manhwa!

4 RS456   (22/Jan/2012 8:41 PM) [Entry]
It would be nice if you guy finish Money Virus as that is the most interesting project you guys have.

13 Emarald   (25/Jan/2012 2:19 PM) [Entry]
Haha, Good idea.
Wonder what the others will say.

3 momoko   (22/Jan/2012 8:24 PM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes thaaanks a lot for the new releases

1 RS456   (22/Jan/2012 8:10 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for Money Virus.

2 RosaAzul   (22/Jan/2012 8:19 PM) [Entry]
You're welcome.^^ eyebrows
We thought to finish this volume, so other groups might translate the manhwa if they want to.^^

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