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5:24 PM
Release #38 | Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone,
It’s Azu. I’ve gone for a very long time and I am finally back. My friend, Roja, is not able to do the release this time. So I took care of the release today.

I know you guys have waited long for it and as we promised, here is the release for this month. Happy Holidays!

Please enjoy. Drop by at Tasty Kiwi our partner in Cinderella to thanks them for making the chapters possible. ^^

Release for this month.

Love you,

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29 sakixx1   (12/Feb/2012 11:03 AM)
Thanks for the release giggle

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28 Yaxi   (31/Jan/2012 2:14 PM)
Rosazu please Update in SURVIVING A REBEL and 18 years Old we got married Beggingeyes

as our valentines GIFT ♥ love Smug

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27 HavenIero   (28/Jan/2012 8:15 PM)
gotya [color=purple][size=10] I love this site!!!! VERY MUCH!

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26 nsms28   (23/Jan/2012 3:56 PM)
owhh. thank u very much. =)

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25 Scuttquen   (20/Jan/2012 1:32 PM)
я думаю, не все из вас согласятся с этим .. но я должен сказать,

an arab ... learn the languge :d

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23 Yaxi   (17/Jan/2012 12:44 PM)
And also IMPERIAL ACADEMY ♥ Beggingeyes

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22 Yaxi   (17/Jan/2012 12:37 PM)
i hope you will do "To love Our Enemies"
""Dangerous Dormitory"
"Taming Through Kisses"
"There Are Special Things About Those Hot Guys"
"To Attract a Junior"

We need English Version Beggingeyes

i will send You the link if your interested RedFox1 eyebrows

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24 RosaAzul   (17/Jan/2012 2:54 PM)
The Projects you have suggested are with LQ raws and hard to clean. We have not finished one project yet. So we will not take them as our project. If you can find HQ raws, we'll see then.

Best Regard.

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21 Vopleaddene   (17/Jan/2012 4:28 AM)
hello there ..
it is my first post here and i hope that you will help me with it ..

any one could tell me about good please to sell and buy traffic ?

many thanks .

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20 occulmox   (15/Jan/2012 1:00 PM)
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ув. модератор перенесите в соотв раздел, спасибо!

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19 Katedizzy   (15/Jan/2012 1:25 AM)
thanks ! eyebrows

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18 Aine   (11/Jan/2012 5:36 PM)
Happy New Year!!!

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17 loli89   (10/Jan/2012 4:45 PM)
Crying i so happy

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16 RosaAzul   (05/Jan/2012 6:24 PM)
Thank you very much everyone! Thank you for your patience.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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15 Usagi-chan   (05/Jan/2012 3:26 PM)
Thank you so much for Snow White! I really enjoy this series and appreciate your hard work on it. Happy New Year Everyone!!

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14 mandy   (03/Jan/2012 11:40 PM)
a happy new years too everone wel a late one thow. giggle thank you for the new realese thank u very much love welcome back azu shine

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13 Hayoru-chan   (02/Jan/2012 2:00 PM)
Thank you fort this releases and for all your hard work. Happy new year to all the staff of Rosa Negra!

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12 MIsSLoNeLy   (02/Jan/2012 12:23 PM)
thanks for the hard work <3 <3 <3
Happyy New Year

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11 skabenitez   (01/Jan/2012 11:02 PM)
HAPPY NEW YEAR from everyone!!! and THANKS FOR ALL love

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10 dash   (01/Jan/2012 9:12 PM)
Happy New Year and thank you for all the releases! love

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9 shinbai   (01/Jan/2012 8:02 PM)
happy new year
love and thanks for all ur hard work

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