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Release #31
Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing, just stopping by to bring you another release on

With this release we start and finish another vol.
I thank all your great comments in our latest new manhwas. And as we promise this is one of those surprise releases we will be doing while getting ready for our Annv. release.
 I wonder which manhwa will be next buahaa.

with Love
Rosa Roja
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14 Rinrin   (15/Aug/2014 2:58 PM) [Entry]
i can't wait for this to read! I've been really curious about it! Beggingeyes
This site surely is a heaven~~~!!!! m012 m012 m012

13 rem   (07/Jun/2011 5:12 PM) [Entry]
very interesting as usual
more releases please
thank you RedFox1

12 krissy15   (30/May/2011 5:27 PM) [Entry]
o m g loving the new releases plz keep um coming

10 karin   (25/May/2011 7:22 AM) [Entry]
when it be the upcoming release of personalized princess??

11 Rosa_Roja   (25/May/2011 12:52 PM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes sigh vol 3 ch 1 is ready but we notice the last last of vol 2 was release yet so we are working in that. so when we release it will be two ch. but date i cant say that part eyebrows

9 Tomoko   (16/May/2011 3:30 PM) [Entry]
<3 Advanced Happy Anniversary <3 Honestly, this is the first time I'm taking a look at your projects :)

7 Mlwiekel   (16/May/2011 2:33 AM) [Entry]
are you guys going to pick up Crazy girl shi bin by any chance shine

8 Manazyaoi   (16/May/2011 3:43 AM) [Entry]
Crazy Girl Shin Bia was completed by Hwang Mi Ri's Palace

6 Lonely-Heart   (16/May/2011 2:23 AM) [Entry]
Oh my, every time i love you more and more dear rosa negra team ^^ i'm waitimg for your next annv. releases love

please don't be late Beggingeyes

my best wishes c:

5 meiyuki   (16/May/2011 0:39 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for "I like a beautiful guys". I also can't wait for the next anniversary releases... giggle

4 Maya   (15/May/2011 6:40 AM) [Entry]
Thanks for I like a beautiful guy.
It makes it easier to wait for your anniversary release!

3 Emarald   (15/May/2011 6:14 AM) [Entry]
i like this suspense

2 Beckyree84   (15/May/2011 4:54 AM) [Entry]
RedFox1 Thank you eyebrows I wonder what is next... tiptip I guess we will have to wait giggle love

1 Manazyaoi   (15/May/2011 3:14 AM) [Entry]
yayayay thanx a bunches for the releases cant wait for the anniversary releases eyebrows

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