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7:37 AM
Release #35 | HMR Release
Hey everyone,

I am so happy to be doing this release today, since I haven't being able to be that much around.
I miss you guys a lot, but hopefully I will be back soon.

Ok for what we are really here, I want to thank the staff and those amazing people we call Knights. They being working so hard to make this releases possible. Thank you all for your congratulation in our anniversary, I hope you all like all the changes we did.

This release is for all those big fan of Hwang Miri, those who being asking for this manwhas, we bring you half of them today, the other half will be release later as soon as we get the missing parts.

There no more waiting, you will be able to read more on

We end another amazing vol on

Well this is for now,look forward to the next Hwang Miri' Release, enjoy.

For does who want to help us, we are still looking for Korean/Vietnss Translators and Cleaners. Also those who want to learn fell free to contact us or Pm one of the Knights.  We will help you.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your summer
With love;

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34 LilyAngel   (03/Sep/2011 5:31 AM) [Entry]
Yay, more releases!!!
yayayay yayayay

33 lally   (29/Aug/2011 12:29 PM) [Entry]
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!! RedFox1 Advent of snow white and Princess just 4 me!!! love thanks sooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! I can't express my gratitude with words!!! *-*
welcome back!!! XD

32 nicole   (25/Aug/2011 4:25 AM) [Entry]
thanks so much for your great work!! it s really appreciated!!!thanks again

31 Doll   (11/Aug/2011 8:35 PM) [Entry]
THANKS A LOT for this releases and your hard work ^^ (yesss there are two my favorites HMR ^^: Advent of snow white to hell and Ugly dunckling to swan)

30 thaoieeexx   (02/Aug/2011 4:52 AM) [Entry]
thank you for all the updates for hwang mi ri mangas. I LOVE THEM ALL, but too bad most of them arent completly guys are doing a great job with it, thanks alot :D

29 Sanjûichi   (28/Jul/2011 6:04 PM) [Entry]
thank you so much for those wonderful chapters! I really like your work ^^

28 skabenitez   (28/Jul/2011 5:09 AM) [Entry]
thank im really enjoy this new releases giggle im so happy and i want more Beggingeyes thanks for translation of so amazing proyects and than you have a good summer ... =)[i][color=purple] yayayay

27 cris   (28/Jul/2011 2:06 AM) [Entry]
im new here and i really appreciate how they work hard thanks for uploading mangas...

26 Lexia1172   (27/Jul/2011 6:46 AM) [Entry]
love Thanks Roja hope your having a wonderful summer!

25 aoihana72   (25/Jul/2011 7:49 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for the lovely releases. What a wonderful way to start a new week with some yummy stories! Thanks for all your hard work!

24 milk_honey   (24/Jul/2011 8:03 PM) [Entry]
finally, i'm so excited!!!!
especially for ugly duckling to swan
i'm really really excited to read more chapters
thanks a lot for your great job!!!


23 SMMJV   (24/Jul/2011 2:19 PM) [Entry]
hi , i'm new, happy to be a member yayayay
thanks for the new chapter love , keep up the good work xoxo giggle

22 milkcoffee   (24/Jul/2011 9:39 AM) [Entry]
gotya gotya

Say a big thank you to RN! :)

21 3flowers   (24/Jul/2011 6:34 AM) [Entry]
Oh, thank you so much for the new realeses. you guys did a great job (as alway)

19 mandy   (24/Jul/2011 3:46 AM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes thank you sssooooo very much for the release. i love you guys for hard work. yeahhah im so happy i git to read some more chapters RedFox1 i cant wait for more.

18 Hayoru-chan   (23/Jul/2011 10:45 PM) [Entry]
Thank you very much for this releases and for your hard work! love

17 RTYGH   (23/Jul/2011 4:47 PM) [Entry]
thank uuuuuuu for all those relase

16 allysya95   (23/Jul/2011 4:31 PM) [Entry]
It's great being able to hear from RosaNegra again. Yep, it has been a long time, but this is a very nice gifts you're giving out and as always love you guys so much. Thanks for all the hardwork. Hope for more suprises! love

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