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Dear readers,
After a week, we are happy to release today.
Chapter 06 of

I'm sorry that you have to wait for so long,
school just started i have less time to work.

but here is it. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Thank you Tinte for being our partner in
My Boyfriend is a Vampire once again,
and all ... Read more »
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Dear readers,
today we have for you
the first chapter of our new joint project 

with our joint partner Loyal Kiss

It's a new Manhwa by none other than the
famous Manhwaka "Hwang Mi Ri"
Thanks to all the Staff who work on hard this chapter
for our beloved Readers.

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Dear readers,
After almost two week,
we are happy to release two Manhwas today.

1st Chapter of Volume 02



To download the Release, register and make 5-non-spam post
and then go to "Download" section

We bring you again ... Read more »
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Dear readers,
After a week, My Boyfriend is a Vampire's
last chapter of Volume 01 is ready.

[Go here for Download]

I can't believe it, we opened Rosa Negra just about one month ago
and now we were also able to finished the first Volume of the popular Manhwa
"My Boyfriend is a Vampire" and we even release other very good Manhwas by HYR/HMR. And now "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" one of the most reading Manhwa(according to MF). Make us soo happy to see it.

We’re really happy, to have alr ... Read more »
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Dear readers,
Wait! Wolf c01 is out.

[Go here for Download]
We will be posting all the release of WAIT! WOLF only in the Forum.
The version of Wait! Wolf doesn't have much sfxs translation,
because we are doing a vietnamese version for this Manhwa.

We know this Manhwa is being release by another group and
we don’t want to take credit for their hard work.
That's why we won't upload our version on MF or anywhere else.

We took this project because two of our staff members ... Read more »
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Dear reader,
We have a new Manwha for you guys.

Through it's an old (very old) one by HYR,
But I kinda like the old versions, and the originality in them.
I know there are some of our beloved readers who are interested in this one.
[Go here for Download]

So I'm happy to say … Enjoy Marriage with Evil Ch 1.

Also thanks to our wonderful staff who make this chapter ... Read more »

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Hi guys :D
Finally Rosa Negra is able to release its own Manhwas.
The new title is by none other than the famous Manhwaka Han Yu Rang.
Today we have for you Secret c01.

[Go here to Download]
For this release I want to thank all the Staff who worked hard on it and
Royal's dear friend for these wonderful and fantastic raws.
She is the Raw provider for most of our "Upcoming Projects"

I like the title..*heheh* cuz I have so many secrets t ... Read more »
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Hey everyone!!
Chapter 03 is out; of My Boyfriend is a Vampire!!!!

About today's Release:
Thanks "XD" for the tip about misplacing the translation.
I didn’t notice it while q-cing. Now it has been fixed and re-upload.
And not to forget thanks to BubbaGump for the translation,
There were sentences that seem awkward, so I asked her to check them. :)
[Click here for Download]

I have to say this one is getting more and ... Read more »
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Hi everyone.
A week of no release, and now finally!!

Here is it: My Boyfriend is a Vampire chapter 02!!
Click here for download

Don't forget to register an account to access our release!!
Agaiin thanks to Pink Rose Scans and Tinte!!
In this Chapter the Vampire Boy finally appear!!
... Read more »
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Hello everyone,

This is our very first Release:
Click here for download

on which we have a joint
with 'Pink Rose ... Read more »
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