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5:07 AM
Release #37 | HMR Release
Hey everyone!

Me again to bring you another release, I couldn't leave without releasing this.

This one I know a lot of you guys will love, since you being asking for this chapters.

with this we give you another chapter on Cinderella and we finish vol 1 on Girl. YAY!

oK I will not keep you guys, have fun reading and remember to thanks our amazing staff and our friends from Tasty Kiwi.

Look forward to more in Hwang Miri' Manwhas and soon on HYR' Manwhas.

And a lot more and very soon we will release

Finishing with that release the whole manwha yay!
For those who want to help contact us or pm one of our knights.
We will guide you

Have fun and take care
With love,

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33 Lseke   (06/Dec/2011 3:57 AM) [Entry]
I want to see Idol Clubs, when is going to be a new release on this one I can't wait.....please.... RedFox1

32 Manhwa_lover_Jiji   (20/Nov/2011 7:13 PM) [Entry]
i totally owe you guys!! bow
i want to help but i can't Beggingeyes
i don't have my own laptop T^T
so for now i'll just chear you guys to update the awesome manhwa's!! thanx m012 m015 m016

31 Jovi   (15/Nov/2011 9:39 PM) [Entry]
wow thats really amazing for sure we have new manghwa to read im already excited with the news good job guys and thanks for all your hardwork we are realy happy yayayay yayayay shine

30 asmaasora   (15/Nov/2011 8:23 PM) [Entry]
really i m in love with your work until now is the best of the best think you for you hard working shine RedFox1 shine

29 miki   (12/Nov/2011 6:35 AM) [Entry]
I do hope there are new releases of Lover puzzle!! >w<

28 mikuhachidai   (22/Oct/2011 4:40 AM) [Entry]
why i can't find the "idol's club" why ?!!

27 CiNdYs2VVIP   (17/Oct/2011 3:29 PM) [Entry]
how can i real the story,sorry i'm kinda new here eyebrows

26 mikuhachi   (10/Oct/2011 12:34 PM) [Entry]
release the nxt volume of 'my boyfriend is a vampire' im really excited of that.! i wonder what happen to seo kang hoo T.T Beggingeyes Crying giggle

24 dmvyuki   (07/Oct/2011 6:47 PM) [Entry]

25 Emarald   (08/Oct/2011 8:26 AM) [Entry]
Thankyou and Welcome to Rosa Negra!
To download our releases, firstly, you'll have to become a member on this site that is by registering on Rosa Negra. Then you would have to make 5 non spam posts. After that, just PM one of the admins and they will change your status so that you can download the releases!

23 vizzy   (07/Oct/2011 10:12 AM) [Entry]
c'mon ....

my heart want to explode....

anybody ... please... release soon..

22 huina_hume   (05/Oct/2011 5:04 AM) [Entry]
I love Hwang Mi Ri's works.. I'm so much in love with Han Yu Rang's works too.. and., I DO LOVE YOU, guys, who translated'em into English., love thank youuuuuu~ RedFox1

please.... more Han Yu Rang's, please....... m016 m016 m016

21 louM   (03/Oct/2011 12:17 PM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes Can't wait till "i'm the mom you're the dad" to be updated.... so EXCITED!!!! shine

20 Paige   (28/Sep/2011 7:53 PM) [Entry]
hey hey wen is the nxt release ??? xxx

19 yuigu36   (27/Sep/2011 2:28 AM) [Entry]
thank you so much for all your hard wrok.
"my boyfriend is vampire", wow i dying to see what happen next.
thankyou sooo much

18 Andomiel   (21/Sep/2011 6:10 AM) [Entry]
Ah, love "My Boyfriend is a Vampire ".


Lookin forward for next release :)

17 chidori   (19/Sep/2011 1:36 PM) [Entry]
heyy i was wondering could u guys do the miunohri to swan manhwa releases more often?? i love that manhwa and well i just cant get enuf.. lol ^_^

16 skabenitez   (18/Sep/2011 4:40 PM) [Entry]
thanks a nwe relases woow i weit much for this!!! giggle

15 angelrhythm   (14/Sep/2011 7:29 AM) [Entry]
Wonderful... I'm looking forward to the update for I'm the Mom, You're the Dad and I'm looking forward to Don't Cheat on Me manwha.

14 Kiki   (11/Sep/2011 6:57 PM) [Entry]
I love that you guys are working on it me and my sister read it thx and thx for working hard and good luck

13 MangasMyLife   (09/Sep/2011 10:46 PM) [Entry]
You guys are awesome!!! I kinda wanna join *-* I WILL! <3 Good luck with the releases and thank yew with all my heart TT^TT

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