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3:24 AM
Release #36 | HMR Release
Hey Everyone!

Is that day again a new release, which I know we all were wait for.

I want to start like always to our amazing staff, and our joint groups. For making this release possible today.

For all Hwang Miri' fans

We end another amazing vol on

I know a lot of you being wondering when we will be releasing My boyfriend is a Vampire. For those fans, we still don't have a date. But I know when we finish the rest of the manwha you all will be really happy.

This will be my last release for now, I will be offline for a while, hopefully I will be back by next month.  But no worry if there something for release Ran will be doing the release.

Look forward for releases on

Well and other more, we are working in all of the projects, so no worry they will be release and a lot in each of them.

For those who want to help us, we are still looking for more Korean/Vietnss Translator and cleaners. For those who want to learn cleaning you can contact us or pm one of the Knights.
We will  guide you.

Have fun and best of luck in the new school term.
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17 rinmi1307   (25/Nov/2011 4:36 PM) [Entry]
help help RedFox1

16 Jovi   (22/Nov/2011 8:47 PM) [Entry]
thanks guys for the new realease im so happy yayayay yayayay yayayay yeahhah

15 mikuhachi   (11/Oct/2011 7:25 AM) [Entry]
more release more release Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes

14 joanct89   (10/Oct/2011 4:35 PM) [Entry]
i m a manga fan..heex wana know if I can view the releases here?

13 joanct89   (10/Oct/2011 4:34 PM) [Entry]
hello guys! I m new here.

12 Bratcatz   (03/Sep/2011 8:35 AM) [Entry]
Help me make one comment

11 LilyAngel   (03/Sep/2011 5:24 AM) [Entry]
Thanks so much for the releases! yayayay

10 Jovi   (01/Sep/2011 1:52 PM) [Entry]
i want to thank you for your work hard i really love to read all manghwa of hwang mi ri and han yu-rang they are my favorite authors im excited for the new chapter thank you so much shine love

9 omi_1996   (30/Aug/2011 2:22 PM) [Entry]
thank u sooooo much!!!! I love 'em all!!

8 skabenitez   (29/Aug/2011 5:10 AM) [Entry]
thanks i wait for it so much and now i can read more!!! Crying wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeahhah

7 Annikabannika   (28/Aug/2011 10:06 AM) [Entry]
Yay! I'm so happy. The releases were good. shine

6 Corni   (28/Aug/2011 5:23 AM) [Entry]
ha-cha YEESSS!!!! Thanks so much. I wanted to try and help out(By being an editor/typesetter), but I'm not allowed to download any files from internet... onion09

5 Manazyaoi   (28/Aug/2011 4:20 AM) [Entry]
RedFox1 I luv ur releases so much thanx so much eyebrows

4 negima   (28/Aug/2011 3:48 AM) [Entry]
im so happy i could die thank u Crying RedFox1

3 Jully   (28/Aug/2011 2:57 AM) [Entry]
Thank you so much :D

2 mandy   (27/Aug/2011 6:48 PM) [Entry]
RedFox1 YEAAHH!!!! im sssoooo happpyyy. grrr i couldnt wait eneymore.

1 Emarald   (27/Aug/2011 7:50 AM) [Entry]
Good Going!!! Releases!! YEAAAHHHH!!!

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