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Hey everyone!


Sorry for not being able to release anything in a while. I move and my comp. broke sigh. It will take me some time I guess to get everything moving again.

I'll have to look for help and send menss to all the staff to see if they still can help me.

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Category: News | Views: 10987 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 23/Jun/2014 | Comments (22)

Long time huh haa sorry about that, 
Sorry for the mix spells in advanced im on my phone
I havent release since im moving and i dont have internet on my laptop
But i will see if u can release some work this month.
I promised staring july i will organized everything
And give u guys more release.

I take this time too, to ask for help if there any
Translator, ckeaner, typ, or editors let me know.

Thank you
Category: News | Views: 16876 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 31/May/2013 | Comments (5)

Release soonRelease' Soon!!
We need help if there someone out there
who can help us, let us know.

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Category: News | Views: 2551 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 20/Dec/2012 | Comments (18)


Thank you again for your PM/Mess you send.
I'm doing great after my surgery.
Working hard to move this projects.
We all are waiting for :)

OK good news
The following Projects are ready for release,
just missing one thing and I will r ... Read more »
Category: News | Views: 1905 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 27/Oct/2012 | Comments (11)

Hey Everyone!!
Thanks you so much for all the comments
and PM you all send me.
I'm doing better... I'm still recovering
but now I can do some work yay!!!
I will be checking what is ready to be send and to be releases so look forward for more in our projects.

Manwhas which will be release
as soon as the missing translation are ... Read more »
Category: News | Views: 28345 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 06/Oct/2012 | Comments (16)

hey Everyone

How are you all?
I'm writing today to let you know the following and to say sorry since we havent do the release as I told you guys.
I being doing a few test and going on so many doctors the pass few weeks. And I finally have my surgery for my thyroid. Reason why I haven't being able to move and work as I wish to do.

But I promise as soon as get back to normal in everything in my life I will give you more and f ... Read more »
Category: News | Views: 4042 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 19/Sep/2012 | Comments (14)

Release soon!
hey there everyone...
There will be a release, if i cant do it this week, Azu will do it for me. I'm getting ready for a hurricane and I don't know if there will be light in the release day. So there will be a release.

We wanted to do more relea ... Read more »
Category: News | Views: 2201 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 19/Aug/2012 | Comments (9)

Release'  soon!!

and also a new manwha
Moknanahui Honeymoon Diary  from HYR !

ALSO SOON BE ... Read more »
Category: News | Views: 3997 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 21/Jul/2012 | Comments (35)

Release' soon!!! Buahaaa!!!

Category: News | Views: 1480 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 20/Jun/2012 | Comments (11)

Hope everyone is doing great!
Reason why I'm writting is the following:
We are working on all the manwhas ... Read more »
Category: News | Views: 2438 | Added by: Rosa_Roja | Date: 30/May/2012 | Comments (20)

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