Requirement for Editors/Cleaners/Typesetters:


  • You have to clean the scans thoroughly.
  • Erase all foreign text (be able to tell between SFXs and parts of the picture)
  • Clone and redraw the parts of the pictures that have been covered by SFXs you've erased.
  • Scans should have layers and be saved as .psd
Cleaner Test // Cleaner Guide

Here are some site where you can learn how to edit.

Senbonzakura cleaning

Sakurahana's Guide
The Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga

You don't have to be perfect. Relax and try your best :)
If you need some help then please feel free to ask! :) 

PM Cleaner test to RosaAzul.

Make sure everything goes according to the translations that will be provided for you.

  • Match the raws' SFX as closely as possible!!
  • ALWAYS SAVE IN PSD when you turn it in!!
  • Keep the font size throughout the chapter(manhwa)
Typesetter Test // Font pack

PM RosaAzul your Typesetter test.

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