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Hey everyone!


Sorry for not being able to release anything in a while. I move and my comp. broke sigh. It will take me some time I guess to get everything moving again.

I'll have to look for help and send menss to all the staff to see if they still can help me.

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Hey everyone 

Long time sorry for the waiting. I being having a few trouble here but I'll try by best to get more work done in this upcoming months.

Here thanks to my friends in Tasty Kiwi 
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Thank u so musch for ur support and patience.
so I bring you one today thank you to my friend of Tasty Kiwi.

here is a whole volume you can find it in our forum.
I'm working in more like

Hopefully more, if there any one who can help in all the area like me now.,

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Long time huh haa sorry about that, 
Sorry for the mix spells in advanced im on my phone
I havent release since im moving and i dont have internet on my laptop
But i will see if u can release some work this month.
I promised staring july i will organized everything
And give u guys more release.

I take this time too, to ask for help if there any
Translator, ckeaner, typ, or editors let me know.

Thank you
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The time soon comes for parting,
And my time is at an end...
I'm sorry to say, but I will leave
Rosa Negra now. I don't feel like working for those
who are ungrateful with the releases

(even though they are not as often as you want them).

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