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4:53 PM
Long time huh haa sorry about that, 
Sorry for the mix spells in advanced im on my phone
I havent release since im moving and i dont have internet on my laptop
But i will see if u can release some work this month.
I promised staring july i will organized everything
And give u guys more release.

I take this time too, to ask for help if there any
Translator, ckeaner, typ, or editors let me know.

Thank you
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5 squall-leonhart   (28/Jun/2013 5:05 PM) [Entry]
I hope a good return for you runninghearts

4 Julia   (14/Jun/2013 1:55 PM) [Entry]
Yaaaay you're back! And thanks for your work so hard! Rosa Negra! I believe in you! And good luck with your series! I love them all! :D

3 guesswhoiam   (11/Jun/2013 3:44 PM) [Entry]
Yayyyyy, she is back.. RedFox1

Thank you for coming back.. Shining

2 justafangirl   (09/Jun/2013 0:54 AM) [Entry]
YAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH shine (do not take it the wrong way!) thanks for the hard work i can wait forever  leaf ...well not really less than 6 months i get cranky

1 mary01   (08/Jun/2013 6:44 PM) [Entry]
thank you so much for giving an update about the current situation, i know that there is one person and i bet it's the same person who keeps spamming. but I just hope that you know that there is alot of people who appreciate alot you hard work.

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