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Release soonRelease' Soon!!
We need help if there someone out there
who can help us, let us know.

Typsetters! Cleaners! Korean Translators!
Yes, we will release on december haaa, we are currently working on our projects, but we need help our staff is offline due to school and personal reason. Reason why we are not moving fast as we like. But we are still working if any of you are willing to help let us know.


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18 booklover   (11/Apr/2014 3:56 AM) [Entry]
hey thanks and im sorry to say but i dont know how to help you forgive me but thanks and we (fans) are really grateful to you runninghearts

17 princess yona   (25/Jan/2013 5:37 PM) [Entry]
I don't know how to translate ro edit or anything else but,if there is anything I can help with or if you are willing to teach me then please send me an email with my thanks.......

13 Armielle23   (14/Jan/2013 8:24 PM) [Entry]
Plss translate im the mom and you're the dad plsss Crying ali_101 Beggingeyes ali_072 ali_101 RedFox1

16 RosaAzul   (25/Jan/2013 1:57 PM) [Entry]
Haha, it's seems you guys are addicted to "I'm Mom, You're Dad".

5 Majestic-Akira   (29/Dec/2012 1:36 AM) [Entry]
where can i find the tests? Beggingeyes
im curious if i can do the test and help Shining

7 RosaAzul   (31/Dec/2012 3:48 PM) [Entry]
Thank you. ^^

Please go here for more information

8 Majestic-Akira   (03/Jan/2013 6:27 AM) [Entry]
thank you :)

9 Majestic-Akira   (03/Jan/2013 6:30 AM) [Entry]
never mind sweats
it says "experience needed" grrr
and honestly i just started using CS5 Crying

10 RosaAzul   (03/Jan/2013 10:35 AM) [Entry]
Haha no. the post is very old. Expierence is not really needed. Just try your best. ^^ ali_072

11 Majestic-Akira   (03/Jan/2013 12:53 PM) [Entry]
ohh ali_105
I got one problem though grrr
where must I put the fonts I downloaded?
I cant use them, because I dont know which CS5 folder sweats
sorry for the disturb

14 RosaAzul   (17/Jan/2013 9:24 PM) [Entry]
You have to add the fonts into your 'fonts' folder. It shuld be here: C:\Windows\Fonts. I hope this help.^^

12 Majestic-Akira   (03/Jan/2013 1:00 PM) [Entry]
and BTW, is the CLEANERS spot closed? It says the files cant be found or something~ leads to unavaibility of the download~ Beggingeyes

I guess the only spot for me is typesetter sweats

15 RosaAzul   (18/Jan/2013 6:22 PM) [Entry]
No the cleaners post is not closed. But unfortunately I no longer have the file. Maybe you can choose two/three pages where big sfxs are on them, then you can clean it and send it to me.^^

4 coleterner   (24/Dec/2012 12:29 PM) [Entry]
I would like to help if you need proofreaders, I've never tried it but I want to try:) how can I apply?

6 RosaAzul   (31/Dec/2012 3:47 PM) [Entry]
Thank you for applying to help us.
Please go here or PM Roja_Roja.

Azu~ ali_061

3 Momoe   (22/Dec/2012 4:30 AM) [Entry]
javascript:// umm i really want to help but i cannot be always in computer i dont know if i can help any Crying i'm bad at english grammars ali_101 my goal is to read all you manga's shine

2 Yulilla   (21/Dec/2012 4:32 PM) [Entry]
OH! That's great!! ali_061 I'm waiting for new chapters of my favourite manhwas))) ali_072

1 Manazyaoi   (20/Dec/2012 6:09 PM) [Entry]
ali_061 Thanks for the help I really wish these days I could be of help but not always in front of a comp. enough to do anything these days... Crying

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