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Hey Everyone!
Just stopping by, to let you guys knows we are working in our next release. We are taking a bit more time, since we are testing new Translators. We there any one intrested in helping just send me a email and the test will be send to you guys. But we will be releasing sooon.
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Hello everyone,
It's not a release this time.
We would like to know what you think about Rosa Negra's first project My Boyfriend is a Vampire.
It was the first project we undertook and also the first we finished.
We are currently working on all our projects and a few of them, we will be finishing soon.
But we wanted to know your thoughts, so feel free to write your mind.


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Hello everyone

Happy Holidays!
Just stopping by to let you know we are almost done with one of the release we will do this month.

manwha you will read

Next Month
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Hey there Everyone

Ok here is the things, we will release this month buahaa, a few ch in some of the projects we have,
we wanted to release the rest of vampire but right now is when the translator are getting back. So Vampire will be move to release in Feb 14. We will finish the translation and typ in Jan. So we will finish and release Vampire in Feb yay!!!!  I know you guys are waiting for this for a long time but I promise Vampire will be release on Feb. We are trying to get the other project moving and getting a few ch release so we can ca ... Read more »
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HI me again, Ok just dropping by to let you know about our projects.
Let start with releases for now I'm still checking everything. I will be releasing and we are working in all of our projects. I will start releasing in Nov. Hopefully a ch or vol in every manwha, (praying that everything goes smooth and there no set back.)

Ok My Boyfriend is a Vampire we will release the rest of the manwha in Dec. We will finish the whole thing by then and release. I know you all are waiting for our releases and we are moving them ... Read more »
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Hey there
I'm so happy... I'm back again, sorry it took long, but now I have a new laptop and we can start moving things.
Thank you for your patience gi ... Read more »
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Hey Everyone!

Just stopping by to see how you all are doing and to let  you know also we gonna making a release soon, this time it will be in 2 great project.

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Hey everyone!

Soon this month:

Maybe more

With love

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Hey everyone!

Just letting you know we will be releasing this week (weekend) My Boyfriend is a Vampire and Rebel.
We are almost done with them, we are also almost done with She scary, Princess just for me, Bec Hab to kiss. So they will be release soon too.

Also there will be a release soon on Bullying,Bullet, Puzzle, Scary, Ugly and in Cheat. And in a few others.  I will let you know like always. But I just wanted to stop by and tell you w ... Read more »
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Hey everyone!

Just I quick update in the projects,

Rebel and Secret are in the last touch for release, She scary is missing a few details and as soon as I get the missing part will be release hopefully with Secret and Rebel. My Boyfriend is a Vampire we found some sfx missing and we are getting them translated. Bec Hab to kiss is being Typ and Princess just for me I am waiting for some missing translation and it will release as soon as I get the missing parts. We are also waiting for a few sfx on Beautif ... Read more »
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