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2:03 PM
Hey Everyone!!
Thanks you so much for all the comments
and PM you all send me.
I'm doing better... I'm still recovering
but now I can do some work yay!!!
I will be checking what is ready to be send and to be releases so look forward for more in our projects.

Manwhas which will be release
as soon as the missing translation are typ.

We are still looking for more staff if there someone interested let me know.
Also to does waiting for Scary, we are almost done with translation, two more vols and we are done with the translation.
We will be releasing the rest of the manwha and finishing it too yay!!
Thank you for your comments and your support!!!

Thank you so much
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16 Isabella   (26/Oct/2012 4:44 AM) [Entry]
when will the release of idol clubs come out?

15 Babychantzi   (26/Oct/2012 4:42 AM) [Entry]
When will the My Beast will be updated? I'm looking forward to it. Get well soon, Roja! =))))))

14 Lalaloo   (24/Oct/2012 6:34 AM) [Entry]
Thanks for the updates and I hope you get better.

13 allysya95   (23/Oct/2012 5:41 AM) [Entry]
Kya!!! Great you guys! Love ya all! Shining Take care of your health Roja, don't wanna get sick again! All the hardworkers in RosaNegra too. Do take care of yourself ali_061

12 Yenz   (19/Oct/2012 3:00 PM) [Entry]
get well soon ;)

11 Yhel   (19/Oct/2012 1:46 PM) [Entry]
Keep up the good work, And I hope u get better soon hugs

10 Usagi-chan   (17/Oct/2012 2:54 AM) [Entry]
Get well soon! Soooo glad you're back!

9 JuliChan   (16/Oct/2012 5:30 PM) [Entry]
Yay! I love you the most.
I'm glad you are ok.

I'm so happy to know that Scary s gonna have some releases soon :)

8 haena   (14/Oct/2012 12:57 PM) [Entry]
can you also update PYEONG BEONHAN GE JOA? the story interests me and on my opinion that manhwa is really good. :) ali_101

7 Manazyaoi   (08/Oct/2012 5:43 PM) [Entry]
ali_101 Awww i feel like that last comment was for me teehee yay She's Scary so Happy ali_061 Its nice ta hear ya doin betta take care of yourself and I hope you have a smooth recovery hugs

6 Yulilla   (08/Oct/2012 2:08 PM) [Entry]
Thank you so much! I'm waiting for new chapters)) ali_072

5 stevematthews   (08/Oct/2012 8:30 AM) [Entry]
OH YEAH!! I hope you get better soon :)

4 keric   (08/Oct/2012 8:23 AM) [Entry]
Get well soon and don't overexert yourself.

3 Mayson   (08/Oct/2012 5:50 AM) [Entry]
*Meant to put Yay!

2 Mayson   (08/Oct/2012 5:49 AM) [Entry]
Gay! Thanks ;)

1 merc   (07/Oct/2012 10:03 PM) [Entry]
that's great. can't wait for releases and hope you feel a lot better soon.

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