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7:14 PM
Hope everyone is doing great!
Reason why I'm writting is the following:
We are working on all the manwhas
We haven't drop any of them
We will release very soon
We have new vietnss translator who are working like maniac to give us all the translation we need.
I know it being a while but we are working as fast as we can, we are short in staff at the moment due to school and work.
But this summer we will get a few more manwha out as soon all the staff get back.
Thank you for you patience and look forward to the next release.
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20 naomi   (20/Nov/2014 4:25 PM) [Entry]
i look forward to see al manga's  relesed and comleted  yayayay shine because they are intreresting

19 lamoo   (22/Jun/2013 4:35 PM) [Entry]
you guys don't have to worry even if it takes me a lifetime i will never stop waiting 4 your releases u r the best i love manhwa 4ever

18 shallom   (12/Jul/2012 2:45 AM) [Entry]
I don't read english grrr but i'm here trying sweats

17 Blackneko4   (24/Jun/2012 6:34 AM) [Entry]
YYAAAYYY!!!! I thought some manhwa's were dropped and I was getting in a big depression but after somehow finding my way here I'm relieved to read this ^_^ Thank you do much for eveyone's hard work,if I knew where everyone lived then I would send you all a thank you gift :)

16 Lilli   (19/Jun/2012 11:48 AM) [Entry]
hugs [/b]Thank you for working so hard.:ali_061: [size=10]As we enjoy all the work you do we can be patient. [/size] ali_101

15 romance20   (18/Jun/2012 12:34 PM) [Entry]
are you gonna release on the 20th because that is your anni right?
Well love ya'll ali_061 keep up the wonderful work Shining

14 WarfRat   (18/Jun/2012 4:02 AM) [Entry]
Hi everyone I'm new to the site bow

came here from reading "I'm the mom, you're the dad"

I usually enjoy reading manga (translated of course), so it took me a page or two to realize I wasn't reading manga lol.

I look forward to further releases ... keep up the good work

13 michele5964   (15/Jun/2012 6:20 PM) [Entry]
Waiting anxiously for the new releases! RedFox1

RosaNegra Fighting! Happy

12 Fiterinooi   (14/Jun/2012 9:56 PM) [Entry]
Guhkjhjk kjbjhkj uuy Guhkjhjk kjbjhkj uuy

11 mary   (13/Jun/2012 2:10 PM) [Entry]
a date, just give a date so that we have an idea of how long it will take

10 deadlyartur   (11/Jun/2012 4:22 PM) [Entry]
love your work keep it up :) :)

9 cattyn   (05/Jun/2012 4:19 PM) [Entry]
I think i'm gonna go crazy....both the manga's i wanna read are still being translated. Damn you cliffhangers!! Crying

Thankyou for all your hardwork and awesome releases Shining

8 Aurora   (04/Jun/2012 1:34 AM) [Entry]
Thank u thank u thank u*100000000 love u alllllllll hugs ali_105 RedFox1

7 GedeEdimi   (02/Jun/2012 10:49 PM) [Entry]
I am so lazy sometimes, though i have been reading your blog for sometime now I have not made a comment til now, just wanted to say im loving it!

6 icymini   (02/Jun/2012 4:17 PM) [Entry]
i hope you find more help ali_101 i really thank you for working so hard to translate the manhwa Shining you are the best runninghearts

5 aniofek   (01/Jun/2012 9:21 PM) [Entry]
Don't worry about anything and wark hard as you always do :)Shining We belive in you and we will wait patiently :)ali_101You guys do an amazing job and we are grateful for all of ali_072

4 Lalaloo   (31/May/2012 5:45 AM) [Entry]
Thanks & keep up the hard work.

3 Manazyaoi   (31/May/2012 3:52 AM) [Entry]
RedFox1 I never doubted you guys ali_101 Dont worry we are all here waiting take your time Shining I Luv all of the Manwha you guys are doin and wait for the releases yayayay

2 sara15   (30/May/2012 8:30 PM) [Entry]
Thank for all the hard working staf RedFox1

1 denisse   (30/May/2012 8:24 PM) [Entry]
thnx guys ali_072 for working like maniacs yayayay and trying to give us awesome release as soon as possible thank you so much runninghearts ali_101 ali_072

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