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Hello everyone,
It's not a release this time.
We would like to know what you think about Rosa Negra's first project My Boyfriend is a Vampire.
It was the first project we undertook and also the first we finished.
We are currently working on all our projects and a few of them, we will be finishing soon.
But we wanted to know your thoughts, so feel free to write your mind.


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50 booklover   (18/Apr/2014 4:37 AM) [Entry]
this manhawa was amazing and it was thanks to you that it was completed we(fans) are extremely grateful for finishing it and i hope to see more translated hwang mi ri and han yu ran  gs manhawa updated from rosa negra shine

49 Juiana Wu   (24/Jan/2013 4:15 AM) [Entry]
i think this is the best i ever read . thank you . :)

48 Hubby   (20/May/2012 9:25 PM) [Entry]
It was the first manhwa I it will always be special yayayay
I really like to read manga/ manhwa which our completed because so many are left unfinished or abandoned.

So I really want to thank you for your hard work and to let you know that there are people who really appreciate what you guys are doing hugs

47 mary   (29/Apr/2012 10:10 PM) [Entry]
I reallly loooved this story

46 Dandelion   (20/Apr/2012 1:43 PM) [Entry]
My Boyfriend is a vampire..!! I loved it..!!
I couldn't stop reading it n was obsess with it till checking twice a day for the new release..!!
Thank u so much..!!
You deserve a Job Well Done..!! hehe..:D
You GuyZzZ Are AWESOME...!!! Shining

45 Bee   (03/Apr/2012 10:33 PM) [Entry]
I remember spazzing at the first couple chapters of this manhwa. I really did love how all of you edited the manga and made the reading experience worthwhile! I couldn't stop reading this until I could get to the ending~ ali_072

Congratulations to you guys! Job well done

44 SenSin   (29/Mar/2012 5:08 PM) [Entry]
I haven't had a chance to finish My Boyfriend is a Vampire yet (going to do that today), but congrats on finishing your first project. I love that story and can't wait to see the end!

Just read My Beast, too. First chapter had me all shine I'm glad you guys picked it up!

42 rawrmiau   (26/Mar/2012 5:45 PM) [Entry]

Well I'm Pretty thankful to you doing this for us, the fans. For all your hard work and time, and for tolerating us crazy fan-girls that after every release we always asked for more and some times threat you, send you bombs, flame throwers and more. So thank you for surviving all of that and still bring us not only "My Boyfriend Is a Vampire", but all of this awesome releases.

Thank YOU<3 ali_061


39 chaflea skiz   (25/Mar/2012 11:10 PM) [Entry]
i thought this manga ruled i hope it never ends!!please never let it end until they get married or have kids or something plus i really want them to release more what happened to that 6 months thing were if they dont release in 6 months you force them to but that could have been on transcendences all places should have that code it would be a lot easier on all us readers if they who ever agrees say "hell yay"

40 Rosa_Dorada   (25/Mar/2012 11:42 PM) [Entry]
Vampire is already finished. Also if there would be such a rule that after 6 months everyone can take the projects do you think people would release and work on them like you want them. This people are doing all this work in there free time. How would you feel like if you worked on something and then there appears a person and takes the project away I think you wouldnt feel great because you work all the time on them and then someone takes it. I think its not a nice thing to do it. I understand if someone say that they are not working on them anymore then it would be fine but this groups does their work or so you wouldnt be able to read vampire. You should be happy to be able to read this manhwas even if it takes longer because not all people will spend their time so that you are able to read mangas or manhwas

41 Rosa_Dorada   (25/Mar/2012 11:52 PM) [Entry]
Also i think we should be happy that we dont need to pay anything so that we can read mangas and also dont forget this people are doing all this for you guys so that you are able to read them as well. There are groups out there that only allow some people to read their projects thats how far it goes now because they dont want to follow their rules. Its sad but they have all the right to do it and there are rules that should be kept because all the scanlation groups should get some respect from us for all their hard work

43 Aine   (26/Mar/2012 6:30 PM) [Entry]
I agree with Rosa_Dorada. The project is finished.

When the group went MIA, it was because of Real Life (RL). They all had problems and needed to take care of those before going back to scanlating.

As Rosa_Dorada said, doing scanlating is just a fan-to-fan service, they all do it in their free time.

So I say, demanding them to release, it just NOT the way to get it.

We should be grateful for the releases (chapters) we get, wait for them (releases) and asked NICELY for the next one(s).

P.S. just my two cents.


38 allysya95   (20/Mar/2012 6:45 PM) [Entry]
It's a great project. Thanks for scanlating it!!! I hope there will be more interesting manhwa by Han Yu-Rang ali_072

37 Katana   (15/Mar/2012 10:37 PM) [Entry]
oh my god! it was awesome i just finished reading the last chapter i sniff love it! Thank you so much :) its an honor to read that :*0 ;) :D :O :P

36 Sarahdam   (14/Mar/2012 4:55 PM) [Entry]
Merciiiii beaucoup !! ali_101

Ca fait toujours plaisir un projet fini !!! Je suis si heureuse ali_105

Je vous adoooooooooooooore hugs

Vous faites du super bon boulot ^^

Bisous bisous à la Team !!

35 emerus   (14/Mar/2012 5:16 AM) [Entry]
i really like it!!!!! wishing for more mangas to be released!!!! I REALLY LIKE IT!!!

25 louM   (12/Mar/2012 6:17 PM) [Entry]
loved:ali_061: [color=red] every thing you've done with my BF is a vampire.... thank you so much... i had the most wonderful time reading it.... waaaah... Crying i'm looking forward for your other projects... especially the im the mom you're the dad manga... ali_101

26 Rosa_Roja   (12/Mar/2012 9:53 PM) [Entry]
Crying then you will like this month releases buahaa

24 keric   (12/Mar/2012 1:03 AM) [Entry]
I Thought Vampire BF was one of the best manhwas I'd read. The quality of the scans and translations were fantastic and I liked how you usually released the chapters in bulk (like per volume).

Thank you for picking up such a great project and for seeing it through to the end <3

28 Rosa_Roja   (12/Mar/2012 9:55 PM) [Entry]
RedFox1 thank you for reading we are trying to do release per vol, since we can enjoy them better

23 rikal   (11/Mar/2012 4:20 PM) [Entry]
thank you sooo much for the all the hard work:) btw can you please update surviving the rebel me and my friends really love that manga and wanna read more!!! thank you

27 Rosa_Roja   (12/Mar/2012 9:55 PM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes we are currently working in both manwhas, hopefully we will release in both soon. The drama in both is a bit hard, so that why we are taking a bit of time, with both manwha

22 rikal   (11/Mar/2012 4:17 PM) [Entry]
thank you so much heart you guys

21 Sadielady   (11/Mar/2012 4:24 AM) [Entry]
IT WAS AWESOME!!! One of my top 5 manga/manhwa. Thank you for all your hard work!

20 rukia95   (10/Mar/2012 9:14 PM) [Entry]
It's a great project !!! I like it ali_061


19 LLL   (10/Mar/2012 7:36 PM) [Entry]
It was a greate read. I hope you guys continue and finish the rest of your prodjects as well i like on the ones your working on at the moment. shine

29 Rosa_Roja   (12/Mar/2012 9:56 PM) [Entry]
RedFox1 We have two more manwha almost done with everything so look forward to them

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