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HI me again, Ok just dropping by to let you know about our projects.
Let start with releases for now I'm still checking everything. I will be releasing and we are working in all of our projects. I will start releasing in Nov. Hopefully a ch or vol in every manwha, (praying that everything goes smooth and there no set back.)

Ok My Boyfriend is a Vampire we will release the rest of the manwha in Dec. We will finish the whole thing by then and release. I know you all are waiting for our releases and we are moving them as fast as we can. Half of the staff are in School Hell so we are giving them time to get back..

Hope you guys are doing great. Next announcement will be a release, so pray for us haaaa.

Love ,
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32 Zwei   (14/Dec/2011 5:54 PM) [Entry]
GL m8 Cant wait to read your New realleas Wait eagerly and Happely and do Tack kare and haw a Funn X Mus

31 *Kuroi Spark*   (14/Dec/2011 3:01 AM) [Entry]
Oh thank goodness!!! I was beginning to think someone died because it's been so long since a chapter's been released!!! I'm soooo glad no one's dead and I can soon be immersed, once again, in my favorite manga!!!

30 Lucy   (10/Dec/2011 9:10 PM) [Entry]
Yeah, more releases..:3, can't wait for the end of My Boyfriend is a Vampire...:3, its been a long wait...>w<

29 Lseke   (06/Dec/2011 3:50 AM) [Entry]
When you will have a release on Idol Clubs?..... I wil love to see more on this one......

28 rikal   (03/Dec/2011 6:40 AM) [Entry]
how come there is no release yey :(

27 xxxx   (22/Nov/2011 6:12 PM) [Entry]
I found all the mango which is already completed, but our dear translators can translate them and I thought that they nepabaiktos BUT ALL IS terminated.

26 eruhweanianda   (21/Nov/2011 11:02 PM) [Entry]
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25 Sekomi   (18/Nov/2011 5:42 PM) [Entry]
yeahh the rest of mbiav ahhhh RedFox1
can't wait to see it shine

hope you guys do well in school and get the good grades you deserve ha-cha
so good luck you all yosh

24 Jovi   (13/Nov/2011 8:26 PM) [Entry]
thanks in advance guys thanks for your working hard im getting excited for the next chapter of my bf is a vampire good luck guys yayayay eyebrows

23 Maopyon   (12/Nov/2011 8:30 AM) [Entry]
Yay. ;u; you guys are the best, unlike Seven Seas, which made me disappointed by renaming every character. Good luck to you staff members~ I'll help by giving you guys virtual hugs.

22 medok   (06/Nov/2011 1:50 PM) [Entry]
it's so sweet

21 Beckyree84   (01/Nov/2011 4:35 AM) [Entry]
Lets everyone do our best!!! shine

20 skabenitez   (31/Oct/2011 8:30 PM) [Entry]
wooow what a amazing Christmas gift love Crying RedFox1 giggle

19 thegorgeousdemon   (31/Oct/2011 7:05 AM) [Entry]
i'm so excited for the new release on december eyebrows love ya rosa negra love

18 3flowers   (29/Oct/2011 12:48 PM) [Entry]
thank you for the update. much appreciated.

17 tmoya-chan   (29/Oct/2011 8:07 AM) [Entry]
Waw I can't wait ! I hope everything go smooth
With your work and good luck (^_^)

16 xXDeathCandyXx   (29/Oct/2011 3:25 AM) [Entry]
wOOt for Nov
I really want to see a new chapter on *Don't Cheat on Me *
and i always look forward for Love in the Mask eyebrows
and my birthday is in December so the best gift you can give me is the end of My Boyfriend is a Vampire I cant believe its going to end I love it so much RedFox1

15 promise2sweet   (28/Oct/2011 9:50 PM) [Entry]
yayayay Excellent! I've been looking forward to seeing how My Boyfriend is a Vampire ends and where Advent of Snow White to Hell takes us to!! Thank you & good luck! bow

14 MIsSLoNeLy   (28/Oct/2011 12:06 PM) [Entry]
I have final exams in Dec so I'll be away T^T
I wanteeeed to heeeelp in all the projects specially my bf is a vampire aaaaaah...srrryyy
But still I can handle two or three Pr nxt week

13 Royale   (28/Oct/2011 10:48 AM) [Entry]
Awesome! Everything would be out in decemder? Thats great!! eyebrows

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