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Hey everyone!
Hey everyone!

Just I quick update in the projects,

Rebel and Secret are in the last touch for release, She scary is missing a few details and as soon as I get the missing part will be release hopefully with Secret and Rebel. My Boyfriend is a Vampire we found some sfx missing and we are getting them translated. Bec Hab to kiss is being Typ and Princess just for me I am waiting for some missing translation and it will release as soon as I get the missing parts. We are also waiting for a few sfx on Beautiful guy so we can release in that manwha too.

Those who are asking for Girl, we will be releasing two chapters next moth. Also next month Puzzle and Bullet will be release. I will let you know which project are to be next month. Later on as soon as I get the updates from the staff.

Thank you so much for your patience and your support.

 With love
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16 val   (24/Apr/2011 10:02 PM) [Entry]
actually, it is my first time on this site and registered in hope i setting my eyes on "my boyfriend is a vampire" which is currently mu obssession. moving on, thank you for the hard work. you guys are awesomeeeeeeeeeeee! shine

15 Emarald   (24/Apr/2011 4:21 PM) [Entry]
so.. have u gotten all the missing translations?

14 chichi   (24/Apr/2011 11:30 AM) [Entry]
hooray^^, its been a long time since i visited here,,
thank you for hard work
cant wait for the release :)) again thank you all

12 Akira   (22/Apr/2011 10:34 AM) [Entry]
yayyyyy :D Thanks for working so hard :O

11 Wishingstar   (20/Apr/2011 11:15 PM) [Entry]
i hav a question when will the mangas ch will be uploaded on manga sites?

10 Wishingstar   (20/Apr/2011 11:14 PM) [Entry]
i have a question when will they be uploaded on manga websites to view online?

13 milkcoffee   (24/Apr/2011 5:55 AM) [Entry]
the latest 1-2days. :) From what I see, that's the case.

9 Jae Ru   (20/Apr/2011 7:58 PM) [Entry]
thank you for all the hard work

we all support you

keep on going

8 MoonLight   (20/Apr/2011 12:32 PM) [Entry]

7 smileyrage   (20/Apr/2011 3:15 AM) [Entry]
lol yayyy RedFox1

6 chichi   (19/Apr/2011 10:24 PM) [Entry]
hooray, thank you all for your hard work,, thank you thank you, ^^

5 touya   (19/Apr/2011 7:11 PM) [Entry]
i cant wait for my vampire is a boyfreind and love puzzle also girl i just cant wait makes crazy laugh yeahhah

4 Manazyaoi   (19/Apr/2011 6:11 PM) [Entry]
yay RedFox1 so happy I luv She Scary

3 Fatimanm   (19/Apr/2011 4:22 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for all your hard work. I only found this website recently and realized that all your release are amazing.

2 keric   (19/Apr/2011 3:05 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for all your efforts Rosa team!

1 Esty   (19/Apr/2011 2:17 PM) [Entry]
Thank you all so much for all your hard work. :)

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