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Hey there Everyone

Ok here is the things, we will release this month buahaa, a few ch in some of the projects we have,
we wanted to release the rest of vampire but right now is when the translator are getting back. So Vampire will be move to release in Feb 14. We will finish the translation and typ in Jan. So we will finish and release Vampire in Feb yay!!!!  I know you guys are waiting for this for a long time but I promise Vampire will be release on Feb. We are trying to get the other project moving and getting a few ch release so we can catch up with the time we didnt release.

I hope you guys understand and Thank you for your patience

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29 Jude48   (05/Nov/2012 4:15 PM) [Entry]

28 horjpkgl   (19/Oct/2012 2:18 AM) [Entry]

27 frubrewroft   (07/Mar/2012 2:40 AM) [Entry]
Извиняюсь, но не могли бы Вы дать немного больше информации.
Не только тебя
Большое спасибо за информацию, теперь я буду знать.
Это просто великолепная мысль
По-моему это очевидно. Ответ на Ваш вопрос я нашёл в

26 frubrewroft   (06/Mar/2012 2:13 AM) [Entry]
Абсолютно согласен с предыдущей фразой

25 Cielle Daae   (18/Feb/2012 3:22 PM) [Entry]
I'm so thankful for Rosa Negra! I know how busy life can be so I can understand your feelings... I really love this so please do carry on! Please note that I really want to help you guys and I'm now sacrificing my only half-free day for learning Korean and Japanese, THAT is to help people like the ones in Rosa Negra.

Sorry I really like to blabber much :)!

24 crazylove   (19/Jan/2012 2:24 PM) [Entry]
Some of the things you update are so funny giggle

23 crazylove   (19/Jan/2012 2:21 PM) [Entry]
cool gotya

22 crazylove   (19/Jan/2012 2:15 PM) [Entry]
Thank you for your hard work rosanegra yayayay

21 crazylove   (19/Jan/2012 2:12 PM) [Entry]
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHOUTS please update eyebrows

20 crazylove   (19/Jan/2012 2:08 PM) [Entry]
I can't belive it took so long for new release Crying I can't wait for my boyfriend is a vampire volumes grrr By the way I wish I couls translate but I havent finihed my korean classes Beggingeyes thanks a lot love

19 Yuuki-clien   (10/Jan/2012 8:01 AM) [Entry]
I can't read the anime story here??? how can I read here??? please....

18 light_hikari   (31/Dec/2011 4:55 PM) [Entry]
as long as we can wait, we can read!!! eyebrows God bless... yayayay

17 Choco-Powah   (25/Dec/2011 2:15 AM) [Entry]
I feel a little diappointed since I thought all this time it would be released in december, but I understand that you had to move the date. *Sighs* Why can't school stop being so evil?

16 light_hikari   (22/Dec/2011 8:09 AM) [Entry]
im willing to wait just read it!!! even it will take a thousand years...i really love that looking forward for the new realeses..hekhek.. love Beggingeyes

15 Katedizzy   (22/Dec/2011 3:59 AM) [Entry]
Well, at least you take time out of your day to do this for others. I really appreciate the effort you all put into this so people can read manwha happily and although I am a little disappointed the new release did not happen yet, it is always fun to anticipate what will come next in the series. Thanks for the hard work Rosa Negra!

14 Manhwaluv   (19/Dec/2011 9:18 AM) [Entry]
I really hope there's Ugly Duckling to Swan and Snow White Advent to Hell releases!
Thank you for your hard work!

13 tmoya-chan   (19/Dec/2011 6:45 AM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes So there is no "my boyfriend is a vampire" this month!! And I've to wait longer ! Well as long as there is another release I'm happy to wait. Yay more release coming soon !! yayayay

I really appreciate your works guys RedFox1

12 vampireknightgal   (17/Dec/2011 9:27 PM) [Entry]
I'm really sad that we won't get to see the rest of the series until Feb Beggingeyes , but tell you what. as of today, I've just got My Boyfriend is a Vampire in book form @ Chapters. yayayay so I'm happy that the Manhwa is available here where i am!!! I'll check again sometime in Feb. Thanks anyways love

11 skabenitez   (17/Dec/2011 5:42 PM) [Entry]
ohhh Beggingeyes but the important is that later we can have the end of vampire thanks for you hard work love

10 Fatimanm   (17/Dec/2011 3:55 AM) [Entry]
Sad to hear that it is postponed but still thankful for your hard work.

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