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My Boyfriend is a Vampire c05, Secret c02+c03
Dear readers,
After almost two week,
we are happy to release two Manhwas today.

1st Chapter of Volume 02



To download the Release, register and make 5-non-spam post
and then go to "Download" section

We bring you again an amazing chapter on
My boyfriend is Vampire.

I'm back again guys and feeling better now.
The other Admins didn't wanted to release
because they were waiting for me to come back...
love you guys

Thank you Tinte for being our partner
in My Boyfriend is a Vampire once again
and all the staff who worked hard on this chapters.
Don't forget to drop by our forum and
Tinte's forum to say "thank you".

We are currently looking for more Cleaner,
Typsetter, Editor and Quality Checker
we have a few Manhwas on hold. We only need someone
who are willing to help us.

Please apply if you can help us! PM me (RosaAzul)
or any other admins
or email us at

Comments and post are always welcome.
Enjoy it dear readers.
Love Azu~
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Total comments: 9
9 Rosy   (21/Sep/2010 10:35 AM) [Entry]
I really liked "My boyfriend is a vampire" specially the starting...

8 meli   (07/Aug/2010 9:58 PM) [Entry]
my boyfriend is a vampire is soo goood Beggingeyes when is the next chapter coming out

7 waitera   (06/Aug/2010 5:26 AM) [Entry]
Thank You for the updates! Love this site love

6 RosaAzul   (30/Jul/2010 2:17 PM) [Entry]
thank you RedFox1

i love reading all of your comments :D

4 Chouko   (29/Jul/2010 12:12 PM) [Entry]
Waaaa. I love updates. Thank you Rosa Negra! RedFox1

Secret is updated too ! How cool is that ! love

2 RosaAzul   (28/Jul/2010 11:07 PM) [Entry]
my friend you're always the first who comment here
that's why you're special to me
thank you, make me very happy

1 Aine   (28/Jul/2010 11:03 PM) [Entry]
hey everyone, thank you for those chapters
thank you

love your hard work
i'm always your fan

3 kitty   (29/Jul/2010 2:48 AM) [Entry]
yaiii RedFox1 new my boyfriend --> ty ty ty ... i was like checking every single day for the update hehehe

what is even cooler is secret is also updated yayayay double triple thx love cheeerrrr

p.s. I dont know why i cant post reply to main post cause of error: wrong security code...but i didnt see any security code anywhere...the only i can post is via reply to other people's post which when security code shown up >.> anybody can help me?

5 aenie   (30/Jul/2010 1:35 PM) [Entry]
thank you for always updating my boyfriend is a vampire... I love the story from a fearless jjang in school to a chicky girl... its makes me wonder how the main character become girl in just a bite...

im excited for the more updates love

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