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8:37 PM
My Boyfriend is a Vampire c04
Dear readers,
After a week, My Boyfriend is a Vampire's
last chapter of Volume 01 is ready.

[Go here for Download]

I can't believe it, we opened Rosa Negra just about one month ago
and now we were also able to finished the first Volume of the popular Manhwa
"My Boyfriend is a Vampire" and we even release other very good Manhwas by HYR/HMR. And now "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" one of the most reading Manhwa(according to MF). Make us soo happy to see it.

We’re really happy, to have already so many true fans.
I'm glad that my friends and I decided to create this new Scanlation group.

Speaking of Vampire...XD
We Rosa Negra want to hear your thoughts,
What you think it will happen in this amazing Manhwa?
What you thought of this first volume?

We are currently looking for more Korean Translators;
we have a few Manhwas on hold, which are partly clean.
We only need someone who can help us translating them.

Please apply if you can help us! PM me (RosaAzul)
or any other admins
or email us at

Comments and post are always welcome.
Enjoy it dear readers.
Love Azu~
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9 Jana   (28/Feb/2011 5:57 PM) [Entry]
Thanx for you guy's work!!!
I look foward to you guy's next uplaod!!!

8 phrille05   (30/Jan/2011 12:03 PM) [Entry]
tnx for your wonderful work... keep it up guys!!! hope more scanlations of my boyfriend is a vampire would be released... can't wait for what will happen next...^_^

7 senna klein   (22/Aug/2010 2:39 PM) [Entry]
OMG I love this title,I just can registered.
but Thank you so much for scanlating this manhwa. I look forward to your next update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you we'll do more than our best to support you.

6 SiLeNt_TeArS   (05/Aug/2010 2:47 AM) [Entry]
Thank you so much for all your hard work! love

5 Chouko   (26/Jul/2010 12:41 PM) [Entry]
More power to Rosa Negra! RedFox1

Thanks for your hardwork Admins ! love

3 faechilde   (14/Jul/2010 10:32 PM) [Entry]
Thanks to all of your for your hard work. I can't believe volume one is already done. You guys ROCK! yayayay

2 RosaAzul   (14/Jul/2010 10:20 PM) [Entry]
Thank you Aine, you're our special reader/fan

thank you for writing comments
thank you

for fans like you we'll do more than our best

1 Aine   (14/Jul/2010 9:59 PM) [Entry]
here again
Thank you for your wonderful work
I love your work!!
soo good
thank you

4 kitty   (15/Jul/2010 10:11 AM) [Entry]
OMG I love this title of HYR. It is so interesting. Thanks very much!!!!

p.s. I just registered just so I can comment on how much I appreciate your work (more cheering for doing a great project!!) RedFox1

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