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Releas #48 | Goodbye

The time soon comes for parting,
And my time is at an end...
I'm sorry to say, but I will leave
Rosa Negra now. I don't feel like working for those
who are ungrateful with the releases

(even though they are not as often as you want them).

Working until 10-12 pm, then putting 2-3 hours
onto the chapters for release even though I'm really really tired
(and next day I have to wake up early to get to school).

I don't have much spare time ,
yet I still work on the chapters for those
who love and likes HMR/HYR.

And it's a hobby, I am not working to get money or so.

All I get is 'when will the next chapters of "..." comes out?' 
and so on. One of the many reasons for me to put
a stop on scanlating. These three chapters are my parting gifts.


Love and goodbye~

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21 Mangaku Otaku   (05/Oct/2014 10:44 PM) [Entry]
I understand that you don't have much time to work on this ;) Though... I hope you can at least help when you can ;) It would be hard for your co-workers to deal with all the people saying those things... I am thinking that the people who talk like that should understand that with you guys working on releases there wouldn't be anymore manga you release for them to read. Thanks for your hard work! ;) I think you should feel free to come and go as you please, like you can volunteer when you can and when you don't have the time, you don't work during those times ;) Thank you for your hard work and farewell! :) I sorta hope you read all of this ;)

20 booklover   (18/Apr/2014 4:27 AM) [Entry]
i am sorry to hear that you are leaving, i understand with the school and other things. Actually i am surprised that you did this much for us and  i am grateful.  sorry about you working so much for us (fans) and you still are not is it good bye to you or the whole website?

19 El   (20/Dec/2013 3:51 PM) [Entry]
Thank you for the hard work

18 KornItaught   (11/Jul/2013 9:56 AM) [Entry]
Please! Don't leave us!!! We love you and your scansTeam!!!:runninghearts:

17 momoko   (26/May/2013 10:58 AM) [Entry]
stop this spamming, I don't know wheter it all comes from the same person or from different people. but keep spamming wont make htem release anymore, on the contracy you are only affirming why one of the staff left. and I bet if you don't stop the other staffmembers might follow, so if you want to have any hopes in the future to see some releases THEN STOP THIS SHIT

16 Ashley   (24/May/2013 8:25 PM) [Entry]
I always enjoyed the scanalations that have been put out by Loyal Kiss, Rosa Negra and so many others that put their time into these Manga's that I so do love. I would love to do it as well but sadly I lack the skills. Its truly unfortunate that there will be no more scans but more so because members like yourself are under-appreciated for the difficulties you undertake to do the scans we love to read. I wish you good luck in whatever endeavors you pursue :)


15 Nes   (16/May/2013 9:12 PM) [Entry]
Even though I dont read any of your Pjs, Thankyou verymuch for all the hard work you put into them, and best wishes for the future :)

14 Ashley   (12/May/2013 9:56 PM) [Entry]
aWW, at least accept me to read them. Farewell!

13 Angie   (04/May/2013 9:54 PM) [Entry]
NOOO, that's a real shake :( Well, i can understand Many are very mean, but I Wish you all luck i th future ^o^

12 erainaa_   (12/Apr/2013 5:07 AM) [Entry]
To be honest I wish you hadn't leave but I understand that you this work to entertain the people that read your manga and another thing I had read all of them but I wish they were finish be still I love your work and if you get the thought of coming back and continue I wish be truly HAPPY but than I WISH U GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE

11 Nanami   (06/Apr/2013 1:25 PM) [Entry]
Thank you for all your hard work! We will miss you a lot!! We all love you! I understand your hardships. On behalf of everybody, i hereby, thank you for all your releases and hardwork!!

Live a fun and fulfilling life!


10 aniofek   (06/Apr/2013 8:21 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for your hardwork till now it was really great we will miss you ! Wish you all the best and many success in life :)

9 Chira   (22/Mar/2013 8:32 PM) [Entry]
Thank you for all of your hard work. It is a shame others have ruined this for you and the rest of us. It is understandable though that you are tired and frustrated and feel unappreciated. Rest well and enjoy life.
Once again, thank you for your dedication, effort and hard work.
You will be missed.

8 Lalaloo   (21/Mar/2013 8:25 AM) [Entry]
Thanks for the releases and hard work. Also it's understandable. Have a great life.

7 mai   (20/Mar/2013 0:37 AM) [Entry]
thank you very much for all the releases up til now. totally understand why you leave. bye and again thanks♥

6 moi   (17/Mar/2013 11:51 PM) [Entry]
it's really a pity...I was always looking forward to your matter how long it would take... :(

but thank you anyways, for the work you've done up till now!
it's much appreciated!
I wish you all the best and sincerely hope that someone will pick up those awesome projects.

5 faechilde   (17/Mar/2013 8:18 AM) [Entry]
Thanks so much for the new releases.  Azu, just an FYI...the Prince Just For Me chapters 10 & 11 are the same.  When you view the images, they appear to be for part 3 (ch11), although the credits page lists it as part 2.  Should this indeed be part 2 (ch10), then it would appear that there is a chapter missing between part 1 (ch09) and part 2 (ch10), and part 3 (ch11) would not be uploaded.

4 salma   (15/Mar/2013 11:48 PM) [Entry]
You're releases always make me happy

Merci pour tous vos efforts

bye :(

3 skabenitez   (11/Mar/2013 0:56 AM) [Entry]
Nooooooooooo!! I reall can't belives this although i understand your reason I only hope the best for you and THANKS for all your hard work in this scalation and the many projects we LOVE YOU

2 Willander   (09/Mar/2013 6:36 PM) [Entry]
Understandable and thank you for all the releases have a good life!

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