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Release #44 | Updated!
Konnichiwa Minna-san!!!
How are you, our dear readers doing?
I hope everything is going well in your life, unlike mine. ;(

There's so much to say, but I do not know where to begin. ^^;
At first, I would like to apologize to everyone.
We promise to release and yet we have not release anything at all until now.
I am very sorry for that.

And here, as promised are the chapters that some of you have been waiting for.
As for the other ones, I am working on them. Do not worry.

Well, I should stop talking now and let you guys enjoy reading the chapters.

P.S.: I will be adding the other chapters as soon as I am dome with them.

with love~

Edit: this is a re-release of our 'My beast' ch1. Evil Flowers and Rosa Negra will do a joint of this project. I hoe you will continue to support us AND Evil Flowers. Happy reading!!
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22 nguyen mai thuy trang   (22/Nov/2012 4:18 PM) [Entry]

21 haena   (14/Oct/2012 1:01 PM) [Entry]
don't cry bureum is a good manhwa too. I hope you can update it too. Beggingeyes

20 Talie   (17/Sep/2012 11:27 PM) [Entry]
Thank you very much for working hard and giving us releases!

19 Eagentaceclic   (17/Sep/2012 3:42 AM) [Entry]
In mauris purus elementum sed tempor nisl. Donec arcu justo dictum quam rhoncus pellentesque at.

18 Maya   (15/Sep/2012 1:46 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for the releases!

17 Saya   (15/Sep/2012 5:36 AM) [Entry]
Thanx so much 4 the info you give us*U*
Thank you for working hard good luck:)

16 allysya95   (12/Sep/2012 4:36 PM) [Entry]
You guys!!! Crying

I love you all in RosaNegra!! Best wishes to you all, especially the staff who I know work very hard ali_101

15 Yhel   (03/Sep/2012 8:19 AM) [Entry]
Thanks for the releases... ali_061

I'm so glad u were able to post it, Do ur best Rosa Negra Staffs..

14 say   (03/Sep/2012 4:09 AM) [Entry]
thank u for hardwork :)

13 bella   (03/Sep/2012 3:03 AM) [Entry]
i cant wait for idol clubs and advent of snow white of hell!! thx for the releases!

12 anr2011   (02/Sep/2012 11:31 AM) [Entry]
waaaaaaaaaaaa i wanna read now!!!! tanks so much

11 kiley   (01/Sep/2012 6:55 PM) [Entry]
Thanks, but i was waiting a rlly long time for naneommananappa to be released, pls release that soon!thanks!!

10 skabenitez   (30/Aug/2012 5:40 AM) [Entry]
Thanksssssssssssssssss I waited so much for this thanks XDDDD thanks Crying ali_061 RedFox1

9 PinkStarfish   (29/Aug/2012 5:19 PM) [Entry]
shine Thank You 4 releases!! Can't wait for "I'm the Mom,Your the dad"

8 akira19   (29/Aug/2012 4:29 PM) [Entry]
Thank you so much for your Hard Work:) bow :bow:

Waiting for I am the mom, you're the dad updates:)

7 Yulilla   (29/Aug/2012 2:17 PM) [Entry]
Thank you very much for these releases! We were really awaiting for them !! I'm really happy now!

6 Deizy   (29/Aug/2012 2:06 PM) [Entry]
Thanks so much ali_072

5 zeer   (29/Aug/2012 2:52 AM) [Entry]
Thank you so much for the releases! ali_072

4 Usagi-chan   (29/Aug/2012 1:22 AM) [Entry]
Thank you!! So excited for the new chappies!!

3 anoli   (28/Aug/2012 10:52 PM) [Entry]
Thanks so much for releases. yayayay

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