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6:10 PM
Release #42 | New Project
Hey Everyone!!
OK I want to start saying this

We are doing a special release today,
giving you a few of your favorite manwhas.

We are also celebrating Yuuri birthday

and giving you a special bonus release

My Beast by Cha Kyung Lee.

So much fun, I know you guys will love this releases and just wait for April release'. We are currently working on...

and a few others, which I'm not telling ha ha ha.
But I know you will love the next release as you will this one. Also soon we will be finishing another great manwha, this time will be one of Hwang Miri project yay! which one, which one, I wonder.

Thank you so much for reading and your support.

thank you so much for everything.

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37 diidii   (19/Jul/2012 5:19 AM) [Entry]
[size=11]hello everyone! i'm new so i don't really understand how it works and also why i can't read any manga Crying please help ali_101

38 Guesse   (13/Aug/2012 11:33 PM) [Entry]
I'm also a newbie so I understood how you felt for awhile. But then I clicked on forum. I noticed that it said I was a member on the right side of my screen and when I clicked on forum there was a post by the group for the members. So basically yu are currently in members group and u want to be upgraded to the readers group. And to do that oh have to post 5 times. Go to the [color=purple][color=purple][size=11]forum/post for more details. Hope this helped. ali_061

36 hugmewonnie   (17/Jun/2012 11:36 AM) [Entry]
hi all...
i'm newbie.. i wanna read i'm the mom you're the dad but i can do that.
could u please any one help me??
i really depress,, help me please get the tutorial.

thank u so much guys, i depend on your help Beggingeyes

39 Guesse   (13/Aug/2012 11:38 PM) [Entry]
Umm... So basically it's the same thing I posted above. I would repost it but that would be double posting. So just read my response to diidii. yayayay yayayay

35 melmol   (04/Jun/2012 5:45 PM) [Entry]
my beast is the best, can't wait for the next chapter.
the main guy really hot and cruel

34 icymini   (02/Jun/2012 4:25 PM) [Entry]
thank you so we can see so much manhwa grrr

33 Dr. Ai   (31/May/2012 8:31 AM) [Entry]
Thanks a lot for the releases. I personally loved "My Beast".

31 Jingo   (28/Apr/2012 8:48 PM) [Entry]
What happend to the release of She' Scary annonced in December for January? grrr

32 newstyle   (01/May/2012 11:55 AM) [Entry]
where is april release ?????? Crying

30 Sentaku   (24/Apr/2012 11:51 PM) [Entry]
Thank you SOOoooo much for the releases! I'm a bit late, but better late than never, right? All of those who work on releasing these manga's and manhwa's are amazing. You've really given us, those who don't have these available in their country, a chance to get acquainted with these fantastic authors and their series. Hopefully, one day, they will be released in my country.

Can't wait to see what you guys have for April
. ali_105

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday, Yuuri!

29 leli   (24/Apr/2012 10:53 PM) [Entry] waiting for MIUNOHRI TO SWAN MANGA ,,,,plsss plsss

28 eliza   (23/Apr/2012 10:49 PM) [Entry]
thank you soooooooooooooo much for the releases and please release more miuohri to swan and lover puzzle


27 Wattaveexcuts   (17/Apr/2012 5:37 PM) [Entry]
спс не над

26 Lilli   (07/Apr/2012 4:56 AM) [Entry]
ali_061 Thank you for sharing with us all your hard work!! I LOVE it all. Happy Birthday Yuuri

25 my beast   (02/Apr/2012 6:25 AM) [Entry]
I'm so sorry, I am not good at English. Evil Flowers has my beast's raws(high quality) why don't you joint with evil flowers?

24 Baiboi2   (01/Apr/2012 6:44 PM) [Entry]
Thanks! Please keep up the great work! I love all your projects and really can't thank u guys enough for working hard to keep up the releases! Loveee

23 beary   (01/Apr/2012 1:23 PM) [Entry]
Happy Belated Birthday.
May all your wishes come true!

And thanks for all the hard works ali_105

22 Julia   (28/Mar/2012 10:16 PM) [Entry]
Thank you so much dear ^^ I am happy to have both you and yuuri. Love you both. Sis i wish you a happy birthday and may all your wishes come true. we are lucky to have such a hardworking staff. Thank you all

21 rikal and friends   (28/Mar/2012 2:29 PM) [Entry]
anw happy birthday yuri hope you have bleesed one x

20 rikal and friends   (28/Mar/2012 2:29 PM) [Entry]
hey roja just wanted to thank all off you again for your constant hard work and dedication in helping us translate these mangas thank you soo sooo much on behalf of everyone one in singapore who loves to read mangas by hwang mi ri and han yu-rang but dot know how to read it in vietnamese and korean we would like to say a big thank you to all of you and really appreciate y'all for your hardwork and thx for the release of lover puzzle and surviving the rebel especially we love them sooo much:)

19 keric   (27/Mar/2012 11:49 PM) [Entry]

Ahhh so many releases! You guys spoil us!!! Thank you for all your hard work and efforts for this release!

18 Bishi333   (27/Mar/2012 5:01 AM) [Entry]
Love !!!!!! Omg I saw the numbaer of pages I was like omgomgomg! You guys literally have made my week so much better! Thank you so much! Happy birthday Yuuri! Can't wait to see moar! Love u guys!

17 cavinggirl   (27/Mar/2012 5:00 AM) [Entry]
What a lot! Thanks so much and happy birthday Yuuri! ...and of course I add my thanks to both you and Julia. That is a beautiful piece of art that got used for the thank you image too!

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