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Release #22
Hi guys i know we promised you a long time ago My boyfriend is a vampire,secret and surviving a rebel release but duo some problems with the computer and the lose of the scans we had finished, we needed to redo all the release again. We really are sorry that you all  waited so long for this release *BOWS* I hope you forgive us guys.

Also here are the release  for you hope you all enjoy them

My Boyfriend is a vampire vol04ch02-ch03

Secret vol03ch01

Many thanks to all our staff for all the input and hard work you all put into each of our projects and for always giving your all to make each and every release possible!!

and to all our readers and followers, thank you for your kind patience and for reading our releases, as well for all your support!!Thank you very much guys ^^

As always anyone who wants to help us to release faster  is more then welcome to do it. You only need to know how to clean, typ, proofread or translate that would be a great help for us. If you want to help us PM one of our Admins or our moderator Kai

And here we go again:" We are really sorry for the long wait and thank you so much for all your patience"*BOWS*
With love Rosa Negra Team

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21 bubba_jen_dfu   (11/Nov/2014 4:40 PM) [Entry]
Thank you for your hard Job And we aré gratefull of everything.

20 kimerald01   (02/Feb/2011 10:01 AM) [Entry]
love thank you so much

19 dauscantik   (18/Dec/2010 11:36 AM) [Entry]
Sorry, to make you all trouble. And btw, My Boyfriend is Vampire update every what? Monthly or weekly? or another time? Tell me please... I want to add this list to my list of manhwa reading love

18 Xhiandervon   (15/Dec/2010 12:59 PM) [Entry]
Nice job guys! Though it's been a very long time, it's still is worth the wait!

Much thanks and more power! Keep up the good work!

- Xhian -

16 Krackers   (30/Nov/2010 10:35 PM) [Entry]
Thank you so much for the release and sorry to hear about the troubles you ran into...

Don't say you're sorry, I'd better be the one making excuses as I'm not able to help you with all this stuff.

Keep up the excellent work guys ;)

17 Rosa_Dorada   (30/Nov/2010 11:04 PM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes Thank you very much for your support. We are really happy to have people like you cheer us on. Thank you shine

14 Chriscalvat   (30/Nov/2010 1:31 PM) [Entry]
thanks for the new chapters of My Boyfriends a vampire I really love this manga keep up the good work ^_^

13 Angarato   (30/Nov/2010 7:58 AM) [Entry]
Thanks a lot for the new release Happy .

Keep up the amazing work you guys are doing.

One small note, I think that on page 22 the texts that say:
"Looks like you want blood... Does it matter if *it* is vampire or human blood?"
"Seo Kang-Hoo... Trying to lure me with that strong scent of blood...!"
should be switched around. Although I don't think this is the right place for me to say these things though :Puzzled:.

15 Rosa_Dorada   (30/Nov/2010 9:01 PM) [Entry]
Oh thank you we didnt see it. Because we hurried as much as we could, sorry for the mistake and thank you that you and ispringle1 have told us about this mistake. We will change it and reupload it. thank you

12 light   (30/Nov/2010 3:05 AM) [Entry]
mangafox already published the manga on their site

and here we have to post 5 posts to read it

i think both things contradicting each other

you must take a note on it

11 asianxoxolover   (30/Nov/2010 1:11 AM) [Entry]
[/size][/size][/b][size=20][color=blue]Woo!!!-[color=orange]Hoo!!! [color=green] your back from the hiatus!!!! [color=purple] anyways i hope we start getting lots of mbiav and hope uu guyz never ever go on hiatus ever again!!! oh [size=22]and [color=purple]Thanks for the releases yayayay

10 gabi   (29/Nov/2010 9:40 PM) [Entry]
thank you guys for the release

9 Zuzi   (29/Nov/2010 8:51 PM) [Entry]
Thank you so much! :D

8 tennyou   (29/Nov/2010 7:58 PM) [Entry]
thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! shine

7 Maya   (29/Nov/2010 7:13 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for the releases! RedFox1

6 Benjamin   (29/Nov/2010 5:59 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for this! had been waiting!!!! :'D

hope you are able to start translating them in a more regular basis again :) btw... dosen't mangafox have all your translations up? at the most you only had to copy the text :)

Thanks for everything, cant wiat for the next one.

5 ispringle1   (29/Nov/2010 3:59 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for the realease but i think that in page 22 of chapter 14, there was a confusion about the position of the dialogue

4 dang344   (29/Nov/2010 2:28 PM) [Entry]

3 Jaja_merope   (29/Nov/2010 11:43 AM) [Entry]
To Nikai,
The admin might be busy so they weren't able to check new members.
I really do hope you guys can release this week...
eyebrows eyebrows eyebrows

2 ShadowCat   (29/Nov/2010 8:45 AM) [Entry]
Thanks for the job... I have been waiting what seems to have been a decade for this...!!!

Going to enjoy reading them!

Thanks again RN love

1 xander   (29/Nov/2010 8:39 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for your release, i've been waiting for these for a long time... Again thank you. Your security code is quite a bit a challenge to my already color blind eyes. Need help from my sis.

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