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Release #19
Hello everybody,
how are you?
I hope you are doing fine...

 Today’s releases:

My Boyfriend is a Vampire
With this chapter we close another volume of this wonderful manwha.

This time we have another great manhwa to release
is about ...
Don't Cheat on Me!
If it's singing he can do it, if it's sports he can do it, he can do everything except studying.
Korea's ultimate pretty boy Lee Jehi Now,
he meets his childhood first love, and ultimate hardships are coming his way.
Oh~It's Seo YeonWoo Look at her turning the heads
Is she better than me? Huh?
Oi! Oi! Where are looking at!
How can you look at others with a guy like me in front of you!
I told you Don’t Cheat on Me!!!

PS: Dont cheat is only a foretaste for you guys
if you would like to see it released then please help us to work on it
Don't forget to thank all the staff who works hard on this one. 

Comments/feedbacks and post are always welcome.
Enjoy it dear readers.
Love Roja
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18 Laramie   (08/Dec/2011 11:19 PM) [Entry]
Hi why is there any new chapter release for "Don't cheat on me?." huhuhu.. I love the manhwa very much.. Thank you

17 shehank   (30/Nov/2010 11:06 AM) [Entry]
though at first "secret" seems to a bit confusing but the story actually seems pretty interesting so pls keep up the good work

16 rosse   (09/Nov/2010 6:36 AM) [Entry]
i love it, my boyfriend is a vampire is good manhwa...for the first time i read it in mangafox...and it lovely..
i really-really love it....i really love manhwa.....

15 phung   (09/Oct/2010 6:04 PM) [Entry]
When is My boyfriend is a vampire is go to release chap 13

14 dbskmangalove   (06/Oct/2010 12:05 PM) [Entry]
thansk for all these great mangas. i love u rosa negra. cant wait for mbiav. excited....

13 Jaja_merope   (06/Oct/2010 9:15 AM) [Entry]
I'm no good at translating Korean/Vietnamese since I never considered studying it.....
But I really adore this manwha and I really like the beginning....
SO now, I'm calling to all those people who can help continue this manwha, PLEASE SUPPORT THE CONTINUATION OF THIS MANWHA......
Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes

12 RosaAzul   (29/Sep/2010 6:04 PM) [Entry]
hey guys thank you for your nice comments^^
have fun with our releases

11 Azndanaette   (29/Sep/2010 4:26 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for all these great Manhwa!

10 Azndanaette   (29/Sep/2010 4:21 AM) [Entry]
Don't cheat on me is so good! How can I help? My English is very good and I am Vietnamese.

9 Dwv   (28/Sep/2010 11:38 AM) [Entry]
fantastic eyebrows yeahhah

8 Aka   (28/Sep/2010 3:18 AM) [Entry]
Thanx for creating such a high quality scanlation out of blackened raws RedFox1

7 Aka   (28/Sep/2010 3:08 AM) [Entry]
yayayay Secet is a great manhwa
so is the staff to find such a manhwa
whoot hoot

6 Maya   (27/Sep/2010 10:47 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for all the releases!

5 Kathleen   (27/Sep/2010 6:36 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for uploading !! (A)
Can't wait for the next ep of
my boyfriend is a vampire !!!! LoveIt! ^,^

4 rainin9   (27/Sep/2010 6:11 PM) [Entry]
MBIAV is the best! >)

3 zad   (27/Sep/2010 3:31 PM) [Entry]
waaaa............yoo da in really is turning into a girl! yayayay
*excited* yeahhah

Btw, thank you very much for the release!

2 fanfan   (27/Sep/2010 10:52 AM) [Entry]
thank for all your work. shine

1 mikaeila   (27/Sep/2010 9:32 AM) [Entry]
thank you for the new release of my boyfriend is a vampire and also secret..

thank you also for the new manhwa don't cheat on me..

You guys are theee BEST! RedFox1

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