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11:28 AM
Release #18
Hello everybody,
how are you?

I hope you are doing fine...
unlike me who got a cold AGAIN...
I can't believe it...this year is definitely not my year.

Well I think I should tell you guys the release now….
Before my mom gets home ^^;

Today’s releases:

My Boyfriend is a Vampire v03c11

Note: Seeing Yoo Da-in attends Korea High,
         Ji-hoo is not happy with his half-brother’s decision.
         What will Ji-hoo do to our Da-in?

Surviving the Rebel v01c03

Note: In ch02 Kang Ji Wan was calling someone Noona…
         Who is the one he is referring to?

Love Bullet v01c02

Note: Joint with Loyal Kiss.

Have fun with them
love Azu~
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Total comments: 16
16 Bin-Bin   (07/Oct/2010 3:57 AM) [Entry]
Yay! Thank you!
Love surviving a rebel yayayay

15 Aka   (28/Sep/2010 3:21 AM) [Entry]
Kyaa Kyaa Kyaa love bullet chapter 2 is great
i want to say go go fighting go and show that president the way SHOUTS he is way too proud
thanks for the scans *bow*

14 ispringle1   (22/Sep/2010 8:10 PM) [Entry]
thanks, I can not wait to see it

13 zad   (22/Sep/2010 1:25 PM) [Entry]
Romance are blooming. love

12 4tul   (21/Sep/2010 5:20 PM) [Entry]
wuah,,the new releases,,, eyebrows eyebrows

11 Jaja_merope   (21/Sep/2010 5:36 AM) [Entry]
KYAAA!!!! OH MY GOD! I just finished chapter 11 and it's super sweet!
Ahahaha.... I sound like a fangirl.
RedFox1 RedFox1 RedFox1 RedFox1

10 faechilde   (21/Sep/2010 2:55 AM) [Entry]
Thank you all so very much for the wonderful releases. Great job! love

9 miruchan   (20/Sep/2010 2:54 PM) [Entry]
arigatoooooo... luw it

8 kitty   (20/Sep/2010 2:47 PM) [Entry]
nice 40+ pages this time....thankyou!!!!!

7 endless_yuki   (20/Sep/2010 11:49 AM) [Entry]
shine OMG I haveve been waiting for ch 11 Crying thank you so much love

6 sweety pie   (19/Sep/2010 8:55 PM) [Entry]
Loadzzzz of thanks to all!!!!! :)

5 ami   (19/Sep/2010 7:44 PM) [Entry]
Thank you very much for the new release!!

4 Bella   (19/Sep/2010 7:27 PM) [Entry]
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thanks so much for the release! I have been waiting for~... I'm loving the project!

3 tennyou   (19/Sep/2010 6:46 PM) [Entry]
SHOUTS OMG!! I've been waiting~ Thank u so muchhhhhhhh!! RedFox1 I've been constantly going in on here to see when it's out.. FInally~ thanks yayayay

2 freres   (19/Sep/2010 5:05 PM) [Entry]
Thank you!

1 Maya   (19/Sep/2010 1:52 PM) [Entry]
Thank you so much for the releases!

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