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Release #16
Hey guys
How are you doing?
Today we have for you Chapter 10 of

We tried to finished this few days ago,
but it didn't work, because i was busy (again) with real life.
However what count is that the chapter is finally finished.

Da-in is desperate. Who was the one which cause
that no one can remember our Da-in?
Seo-wool, Da-in's childhood friend can't remember him either.
Where can Da-in go now?
He can't go back to the orphanage,
where no one can remember him.
You want to know? then read this chapter.

Again we need to mention that
we're really in neen of experience cleaners.
Please apply and help us to fasten our releases.

There's also something we want to say,
We notice readers only register to Download our releases.
Please feel free to browse through the site;
we have a lot more to offer.
It will makes us really happy to have you
all be part of the family of Rosa Negra.
We hope to see you around….
Thank you

enjoy it
Love Azu~
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21 tennyou   (16/Sep/2010 4:30 AM) [Entry]
i registered on this site immediately when I saw this chapter being released on mangafox. Personally, I would like to help u guys out. But then I'm a total novice. If only I know how then maybe I can lend a hand. Anyways, I would like to thank u guys for your hardwork. Beggingeyes I love the works of Han Yu Rang. But all of her manhwas are all incomplete. I was really glad that ya'll have all the volumes. I'll keep on peeping in on here from time to time. As of now, GANBATTE!!! love

20 kitty   (15/Sep/2010 10:50 AM) [Entry]
thankyou so much for this chapter...for some reason...I check mangafox everyday but I missed this release >.<

19 my   (13/Sep/2010 7:54 AM) [Entry]
thank you so much!!!
i've been waiting 4 new release of "my boyfriend for hire"!!!
thank you.!!!
thnks for the new release chapter!!! love it!! and so cool!!! like it!! RedFox1 yayayay

17 teodora   (12/Sep/2010 7:32 PM) [Entry]
soooo verryy happpy:x...i mean i really really love this chapter..and the i want to thank you guys..for all your hard work..and who knows..maybe soon i'll be a member of this help you out with where can i find DorataRan?:">

18 Rosa_Dorada   (12/Sep/2010 11:17 PM) [Entry]
Hi there i am easy to find XD giggle you can pm me anytime i am not hiding dont worry. Its great that you want us to help out shine

16 Akahana   (11/Sep/2010 4:14 AM) [Entry]
Crying Thank you, Thank you, thank you! I sincerly appreciate your hard work!!!! Keep it up y'all!
Yes I said y'all...I'm from Oklahoma so it's okay.

15 Chouko   (10/Sep/2010 2:57 PM) [Entry]
Oh. Interesting. I wonder why her hair grew. yayayay

Anyway, thanks for the update ! love

14 bill   (10/Sep/2010 2:56 PM) [Entry]
Hello, I've completed the five posts requirements. Thank you

13 RosaAzul   (10/Sep/2010 2:50 PM) [Entry]
thank you guys..sorry but its just i have a lot to i can't always sitting in front of my computer and do the editing of manhwas^^

so please bare with me...
i'm happy you guys like it so much^^

@VampireLover: please don't use to much smilies,

12 bill   (10/Sep/2010 11:18 AM) [Entry]
I really like it when I can download the releases and have them at hand when the site I normally get them dries up and blows away, like onemanga.

11 bill   (10/Sep/2010 11:10 AM) [Entry]
Hey, is it newb, newbie, noob, nube? Do I have to pass a spelling test?

10 bill   (10/Sep/2010 11:08 AM) [Entry]
I read the chapter 10 release on another site while trying to figure something meaningful and inspiring on this site so I could achieve enough brownie points to download it. I am still not sure how this works being a noob an all.

9 VampireLover   (10/Sep/2010 7:18 AM) [Entry]
I wanna read it soooo bad but apparantly I have to leave 5 comments so this is my fith comment. love

8 VampireLover   (10/Sep/2010 7:16 AM) [Entry]
LOL! Kiddin but I seriously cant get enough of this manga! eyebrows

6 VampireLover   (10/Sep/2010 7:10 AM) [Entry]
I Love love love love love this manga!!!!!
I wanna read more! your being so mean only giving us all so few pages! I wanna read more and every1 else can probable agree. Beggingeyes love

5 bill   (10/Sep/2010 6:22 AM) [Entry]
Msanga fox has been dropping a lot of mang and manwa becase of licensing and censoring

4 bill   (10/Sep/2010 6:20 AM) [Entry]
Normally, I just wait until I can read thMy boyfriend is a vampire on manga fox, but this way is earlier

3 bill   (10/Sep/2010 6:11 AM) [Entry]
thanks for the new chapter

2 mikaeila   (09/Sep/2010 8:35 PM) [Entry]
thank you so much for the new chapter.. i've been waiting for it.. more power to you guys :) and thank you again.. love

1 Maya   (09/Sep/2010 8:28 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for the new chapter!

7 VampireLover   (10/Sep/2010 7:14 AM) [Entry]
Beggingeyes love Yeah didto!

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