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Release #14
Hey everyone,
I hope you guys are doing fine,
As I promised here is
the last chapter of Volume 01 of

How will Prince Hae Rang react to Eun Bo's singing?
Will he tell her it's to be thrown away?
And will Eun Bo moving to her 'new home'?
How will the Princess Hae Ri act towards Eun Bo?

Read this chapter and you'll have the answers.

additional Release
Volume 03c09

The start of a new Volume.

Don't forget to thank all the staff who works hard on this one.

Good news: there will be new Manhwas to be release.

Comments/feedbacks and post are always welcome.
Enjoy it dear readers.
Love Azu~
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20 jasminehoustun   (06/Feb/2017 3:08 AM) [Entry]

19 ishkim   (08/Sep/2010 4:34 PM) [Entry]
guys please continue doing your BEST!~
im really looking forward to your next release [my boyfriend is a vampire]. i really want to help too, to make some new releases. love love

18 Whitefire   (06/Sep/2010 4:55 PM) [Entry]
I love this series! Keep up the good work. I really appreciate it. I look forward to your next release.

17 RayKee   (03/Sep/2010 3:40 PM) [Entry]
Right now Da-in is just switching back and forth between genders. Do you think that he's gonna become a girl permanently? Puzzled

16 JulyRain   (02/Sep/2010 11:24 PM) [Entry]
Ahh I need to catch up~ You guys are so fast~ thank you RedFox1

15 RosaAzul   (01/Sep/2010 6:45 PM) [Entry]
@Darkness_Thief: you have to make 5 non-spam post(read the rules)
then go to "To Download the Release". create your topic where you privide the links to your posts.

thanks again everyone^^

14 Shimbo   (31/Aug/2010 3:05 PM) [Entry]
thanks for the last chapter, keep up with the excellent work guys :D

13 Darkness_Thief   (31/Aug/2010 2:34 AM) [Entry]
Thinks for the chapter i will wait for the next but i am a new how to download? eyebrows

11 Ryoko-san   (30/Aug/2010 4:53 PM) [Entry]
I love this good job with fast releases I can't wait for the next one!

10 RosaAzul   (30/Aug/2010 1:21 PM) [Entry]
thank you guys, for you really nice comments.
I do always read them.
They make us happy :D

@dome: you have to make 5 non-spam post(read the rules)
then go to "To Download the Release"

12 dome   (30/Aug/2010 9:28 PM) [Entry]
Thanks a lot grrr I'm stupid shine

9 dome   (30/Aug/2010 12:19 PM) [Entry]
Sorry, I'm newbie Beggingeyes How to download?

8 sweety pie   (30/Aug/2010 11:17 AM) [Entry]
Thanks alot guyz!!! :) hope to see you soon with the release of next chapter of my bf is a vampire.

7 kitty   (30/Aug/2010 7:46 AM) [Entry]
yaii new chapter...thankyou!!!!

i hope there will more interaction between da-in and the main vampire boy in future chapters....the title is vampire boyfriend too...and it is already volume 3...but I hardly see him much in storyline so far

6 batmans1pal   (30/Aug/2010 6:29 AM) [Entry]
love Thanks so much for the new chapter of my boyfriend is a vampire!! Keep up the great work! yayayay

5 Melanie   (29/Aug/2010 10:20 PM) [Entry]
Love you so much for updating My Boyfriend is a Vampire!!!! Great Job!!! Can't wait to know what happens ;)

4 endless_yuki   (29/Aug/2010 4:30 PM) [Entry]
thanks so much 4 the hard work
KEEP IT UP Crying shine

3 Chouko   (29/Aug/2010 4:03 PM) [Entry]
Oh. I didn't see the My Boyfriend is a Vampire update. Sorry. Beggingeyes

Anyway, thanks for the 9th chapter of My Boyfriend is a Vampire! RedFox1

2 RosaAzul   (28/Aug/2010 6:43 PM) [Entry]
thank you for your nice comments chouko^^
glad you like secret

1 Chouko   (28/Aug/2010 4:31 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for the last chapter of Secret volume 1 ! Thanks for your hard work ! love

Oooooh! New manhwas? I'll be looking forward to it ! shine RedFox1

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