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3:25 PM
Release #12
Hey everyone,
The last Chapter of

We're very happy to say that we finally finished
the 2nd volume
of this wonderful Manhwa.

I'm sorry for not releasing this one....
You guys surely saw that this chapter was finished long ago..
but unfortunately I deleted the folder
which contents the finished version of this chapter.
So I had to do it again.

And I still have some work left..
so I can't promise you guys that
I'll release the next chapter soon.
I hope you can understand and will wait patiently.

By the way if you think we are too slow with our release then
you are more than welcome to help us out *grins*

We NEED more experience Cleaners,
Typesetters, Editors and Quality Checkers.

Please apply if you can help us! PM me (RosaAzul)
or any other Admins
or email us at

Comments/feedbacks and post are always welcome.
Enjoy it dear readers.
Love Azu~
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9 Jaja_merope   (10/Sep/2010 3:41 AM) [Entry]
hey, I really like Da-In... her hair is really pretty! shine
I finished reading (or rather looking) at this manwha's raws and they look kewl!!!! Only, I can't understand a word their saying... SHOUTS

8 RayKee   (04/Sep/2010 6:54 PM) [Entry]
Vampire Hunter
Is'nt his/her hair brown, like on the cover? Puzzled

7 Yuki   (24/Aug/2010 12:17 PM) [Entry]
thanks for all your hard work

6 RosaAzul   (23/Aug/2010 7:43 PM) [Entry]
thank you everyone for your nice comments
i love you guys
arigatou <33

we'll continue doing our best in every project

5 Vampire Lover.   (23/Aug/2010 8:21 AM) [Entry]
I Love all the work you have done and I love My boyfriend is a vampire!
I would send you an animation but I dont know how to send you one. *Grins*
I have a question about Yoo Da-In though.
What colour is his hair? * RaNdOmNeSs*

4 sweety pie   (21/Aug/2010 5:05 PM) [Entry]
i can't wait for the next chapter....why i have to wait soooo long???:(

3 kitty   (21/Aug/2010 1:16 AM) [Entry]
weeee new one so so soon .... thankyou yeahhah

2 junna   (19/Aug/2010 3:53 PM) [Entry]
slow? nah. Once every one or two weeks is good.
The once every other month is slow. haha.
love to all your hard work

1 Twyla7   (19/Aug/2010 3:41 PM) [Entry]
Crying RedFox1 love

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