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5:53 PM
Hello everyone,

We are a new fan-based Scanslation group that hopes to bring great Manhwas in HQ to you.
We're giving up our time so that HMR's and HYR's fans can enjoy their work in English!
We are just getting started so if you have any ideas or questions just leave a post and
I will try my best to answer.

We are still in need of Korean Translators and Editors/Cleaners/Typesetters.
Please apply and help us to bring out the projects faster.

Our first projects will be My Boyfriend is a Vampire on
which we have a joint with Pink Rose Scans and Tinte

and Wait! Wolf.

Thank you for visiting our website!

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4 HavenIero   (28/Jan/2012 8:36 PM) [Entry]
Thank you soooooooooooo much.
I hope everything is going smoothly.

3 taris14   (30/Jun/2011 10:27 PM) [Entry]
hey..!! thankZz alot for posting manhwas..
keep up the good work and I admire you guys alto cuZz i can t speak not even a bit korean and you guys still take your time and do this for us thank you very very much

ps may i ask you guys just one favor Can you guys releas more of the manhwa called (don't cheat on me!)? even if it has only 4 chapters released i am starting too fall in love with it so pleaZz...!

thankZz guys<3

2 Robby   (17/Mar/2011 11:34 PM) [Entry]
So u should have more manga out this weekend & are ur books in stores cuzz I can't find them lol

1 Aine   (20/Jun/2010 5:09 PM) [Entry]
thank you :)
wish you luck and best.
hope everything will go smoothy
and thanks for HMR/HYR manhwas:)

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