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Hey everyone!
Hi Everyone

How are you all? First I will like to Thanks all those post for good health and your support.
We still working on the releases, hoping to give you all the manwha we promise for this month. Is being a hell of few weeks with schools and everyone under the weather (including health and personal matters).
I wrote to let you all know we are moving the releases, can't tell you the specific one like always, Only the one which are moving faster.

They are in the same step, the last two steps to be able to release. So if there no step back there will be a release on them for next week (weekend). But which one, who knows buahaa!

But good news, summer is almost here   more releases. And our 1 anniversary, which mean a lot of new things.  Well this is for now...take care

With love
Rosa Roja
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21 kristi   (09/Aug/2011 11:09 AM) [Entry]
классно, я фигею

20 rem   (07/Jun/2011 5:14 PM) [Entry]
so addicting,thank you very much.
keep up the good work!!! yayayay

19 Al   (21/Apr/2011 5:26 AM) [Entry]
I know that it must be so hard to do all this work for the sight, and to also manage school, chores and family life ontop of it all. Plus if you have a job or do any sports. Its tough, yet you all do such a wonderful job of keeping us posted and getting us the manga/anamie we love. THANK YOU. :D You are amazing. God Bless, and please dont get sick!! Beggingeyes love

18 Wishingstar   (20/Apr/2011 11:17 PM) [Entry]
thank you for everything :D it's greaty aprecated giggle

17 Heiwajima-Kun   (19/Apr/2011 10:00 AM) [Entry]
Honestly, even though I'm a guy, I really love the manga's you're releasing. Beggingeyes When will be the new release of Miunohri to Swan? Beggingeyes

16 snowangel   (09/Apr/2011 5:23 AM) [Entry]
plzz update ugly dukling i love dat manga so much need an update

15 lisandra   (09/Apr/2011 4:17 AM) [Entry]
please relese a new chapter of my boyfriend is a vampire i really love it i have read the 21 chapters 5 times and i really want to see what happens first

PS: no pressure i know you have a lot of other of mangas but thanks for evrithin you do Rosa N egra Staff

14 vision   (08/Apr/2011 9:40 PM) [Entry]
thank you so much for your amazing manga and i hope everything turns out for the best!
please work on the release of My Boyfriend Is a Vampire :D
With love,
Vision <3

13 milkcoffee   (08/Apr/2011 5:45 PM) [Entry]
what you mean by moving the releases? *confused*

12 Rosa_Roja   (08/Apr/2011 2:12 AM) [Entry]
thank you so much, for all your post love

10 eternityxoxo   (08/Apr/2011 0:28 AM) [Entry]
I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all that you've done. Get well soon everyone and catch up with your work. Remember that health is first beyond all else. So everyone, don't overwork yourselves. But we have to thank y'all for all that you do.
Bringing us releases when we really don't do much but hey. This is something we all love. love

9 Manazyaoi   (07/Apr/2011 11:36 PM) [Entry]
thanx for the updates sigh been so depressed my computer caught a virus n i havent been able to use it for like a month library all the time but yay its up n running now teehee
will there be any She's Scary anytime soon Beggingeyes

11 Rosa_Roja   (08/Apr/2011 2:11 AM) [Entry]
yes we have a ch on she scary on typ so hopefully we can release it by the end of the month

8 tanya   (07/Apr/2011 1:08 PM) [Entry]
thank you so much !!!

7 vampire43ver   (07/Apr/2011 12:52 PM) [Entry]
really thank you XD

6 vampire43ver   (07/Apr/2011 12:31 PM) [Entry]
thanks for your hard work yayayay yeahhah i hope you all would do your best :P best wishes XD

5 allysya95   (07/Apr/2011 8:02 AM) [Entry]
Thanks a lot for all you hard workers. Get well soon guys and have a good upcoming summer. Lots of water right? I fully support you guys no matter what. Be happy always yayayay

4 chichi   (06/Apr/2011 3:46 PM) [Entry]
thank you for your hard work, just take your time
and remember health first before anything else :)
good luck everyone

3 Akira   (06/Apr/2011 11:37 AM) [Entry]
Thanks for your hard work :D Good Luck

2 linequeltes   (06/Apr/2011 11:07 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for your hard work. get well and take the time you need and don't over work and do sports so you health gets better when you're not sick

haah from Line.

1 Esty   (06/Apr/2011 9:58 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for your hard work :) hope people get well soon.

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