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Release #47

So I have news for you guys...
we have a release for you!

I know you guys being waiting for more, just like us :)
And is not gonna end here we have more release coming.
But we are still short in staff, we are looking for help in cleaning and editing. Send me a menss and let us know if you can help.
Hope you all had a great X-mas and a Happy New Year!
I'm glad to be able to be here another year with all of you!!

Take care
with love,

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26 booklover   (16/Apr/2014 4:52 AM) [Entry]
i keep hearing that there is a lover puzzle release but every website i go to stays the same is it become of the time or something else? is the reason you cant update faster because not many staff members or not enough raws m057

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23 Eli Riddle   (14/Jun/2013 10:02 PM) [Entry]
How do I download the manga here?

22 Wana4322   (03/Mar/2013 10:52 PM) [Entry]
I just want 1 more chapter of she's scary and my life is complete

21 Yanee   (24/Feb/2013 8:56 PM) [Entry]
You might wanna send in another post saying you need typesetters and such if youre still looking/ waiting around for em. Cuz if all of us are waiting for another 2-3 months or so.. ppl will get more disappointed. Just a post. Like, saying sorry but will post only one or two releases or wtv per month or something has happened and a lot of the staff are missing? Just, you know..
I mean you guys did say more releases are coming.. If you could just give a date, we'd all be happy instead of hanging us to dry like this.
Sorry. Just my two cents.

19 maimai   (17/Feb/2013 9:16 PM) [Entry]
6 months ago, I totally gave up on manga reading and began to despise manga because you guys would never update. Thanks ALOT! and continue taking ur time, i'm sure you guys won't have anyone reading ur releases by the time they're out.

& if ur going to say tht u dnt have any time well, i'm a uni student & i get exceptional grades and work hard, but you know what? I have plenty of spare time.

20 RosaAzul   (23/Feb/2013 3:16 PM) [Entry]
Wel, if you have SO MUCH SPARE TIME, then TRY and DO it on YOUR own. You can try translating, cleaning and typesetting the mangas you like!!!

It's not like we do it because of money or getting something in return for that. It's a HOBBY!!

P.S.: It's MANHWA - We're scanning korean MANHWAs. thanks.

18 konan   (13/Feb/2013 4:33 AM) [Entry]
oh my! (huhuhu)i was waiting so long to read the new release of "DON'T CHEAT ON ME"even though the previous release is 4 chapters only,i was so suprised that you have that kind of manhwa. it was so interesting many people will like it if you continue its chapter. please please dont hold it...

17 Nanami   (12/Feb/2013 3:50 PM) [Entry]
I hope she's scary will come out soon! :D

16 Amaya   (09/Feb/2013 1:17 AM) [Entry]
hey i've been wondering, did you guys drop ugly? you said you would finish it in October but you never wrote any updates on how thing were going

15 Willander   (06/Feb/2013 7:30 PM) [Entry]
I was wondering how its going with ugly duckling turns into a swan. I know releases takes time but it has soon been a year since you updated last time, and I'm really waiting for it. Beggingeyes

14 Gaia eos   (03/Feb/2013 6:30 PM) [Entry]
Hi there

Thanks for you and for your team for your great work

Please continue with Become Habituated with a Kiss



13 Nanami   (02/Feb/2013 5:43 PM) [Entry]
Thks for the new release! But when is She's scary going to be released?

12 skabenitez   (31/Jan/2013 10:36 PM) [Entry]
hanks for everhting i was waiting for this  yayayay is so great that we can have more releases XD thank to all the staff for all the good work

11 Nëkö   (28/Jan/2013 11:44 PM) [Entry]
Become Habituated with a  Kiss !

7 Jolovely   (26/Jan/2013 4:38 AM) [Entry]
Please continue with I will be Cinderella

10 RosaAzul   (26/Jan/2013 5:53 AM) [Entry]
We are working on that.^^

5 TOONCAT   (25/Jan/2013 7:13 AM) [Entry]
Same here I want to be a cleaner... and I am having the same problem I will send some to you as soon as I can.

6 RosaAzul   (25/Jan/2013 1:59 PM) [Entry]
Hi there, I'm sorry for not answering 'till now as I was searching through my Laptop for the Cleaner's Test. But unfortunately, I do not have that anymore. I'm currently making, or at least trying to make a new one.

As soon as I am done, I'll PM/send it via email to you.
Thanks for applying and your patient.


9 Majestic-Akira   (26/Jan/2013 5:44 AM) [Entry]
can i have some too?

4 Maya   (24/Jan/2013 5:22 PM) [Entry]
Thanks a lot for Lover Puzzle!
Hope to hear and see from you again! shine

3 Manazyaoi   (24/Jan/2013 6:21 AM) [Entry]
Thanx so much until we meet again buddies

1 Majestic-Akira   (23/Jan/2013 12:33 PM) [Entry]
i'd like to help~ 
but, im having a hard time looking for the samples for cleaners
(i want to know if i can do it)~

2 RosaAzul   (23/Jan/2013 1:48 PM) [Entry]
OMO OMO!! You are MORE THAN WELCOME to help us!! Unfortunately the link to our cleaner test is invalid, but I am ok with you cleaning your choosen pages. (the pages need to have SFXs!!!) That's how I can see you cleaning skills.

You can choose a few raw pages from han-file.blogspot. After you're done with cleaning; feel free to send it to me. Thanks.
with love

8 Majestic-Akira   (26/Jan/2013 5:40 AM) [Entry]

okay i will :)

sorry for the disturb, btw~

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