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Release #45
After a long waiting we have everything ready.


For those asking for She's Scary we will release soon,
due to my surgery and personal matter, the release day was move.

But like always I will let you know. We are currently working in all 
of the projects. I'm planing a great release for x-mas!!
So look forward to that let see which manwha we can complete.

Thank you so much for all your support and if you are interested in helping contact us. We are always looking for Translators /Editors/Cleaners.


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18 Rinrin   (15/Aug/2014 2:27 PM) [Entry]
I really love HMR works! Thy are loveable and addicted in some many ways! please
after i found out about HMR manhwas,i am becoming more excited!
And, wanna more and more! i can't stop reading them!! onion06
This site is really great! Shining

17 naoki   (02/Apr/2013 5:02 AM) [Entry]
i really want o read im mom and your  the dad

and also the new chapter of she's scary shine

16 meredith   (05/Mar/2013 3:53 PM) [Entry]
Hi Rosa, I'm a high school student and I really love and appreciate your releases. I just want you to know that I'm also a fan of manhwas and yearn for your speed recovery :) I would really appreciate it if you would kindly translate "Ugly duckling to swan" I really like that manhwa,  it has sentimental values to me because I can really relate to what the girl is feeling about being ugly and bullied, it also entertained me in my times of depression, and I would like to see its development.  thank you very much. I'm new here so apologies for the formality... I would really appreciate if you would kindly reply....   
                                                                                                                        your guest and admirer,

15 Esana   (03/Jan/2013 2:13 AM) [Entry]
THANKS!! PLEASE TRANSLATE I'M THE MOM YOUR THE DAD!! Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Crying ali_101

14 kpluvsherman   (16/Dec/2012 6:39 PM) [Entry]
Nah Nah I really want to read im the mom and you're the dad!
thanks for the chapters till now!

13 Sue   (08/Dec/2012 3:00 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for the uploads. I just made this account, because many of the stories from hang mi ri I read are just dead<lol.
I appreciate your hard work to all the staff and wish u the best to get well.
I'll be eagerly waiting! grrr

12 yumeyure   (02/Dec/2012 1:58 PM) [Entry]
Hope you're doing great!

waaaah been waiting for She's Scary shine

Thanks so much for your hard work!


11 Nurie   (29/Nov/2012 1:59 AM) [Entry]
I am half-korean...I can translate manhwa...

10 Usagi-chan   (02/Nov/2012 2:20 AM) [Entry]
Sooo happy that you are feeling better! I wish you a speedy recovery, and thank you for the updates!!

9 Miki   (02/Nov/2012 1:27 AM) [Entry]
Pretty please update Idol Clubs!!

8 skabenitez   (02/Nov/2012 0:36 AM) [Entry]
THANK YOU so much ali_061 Crying hugs

7 Maya   (01/Nov/2012 4:17 PM) [Entry]
Thank you very much!

6 squall-leonhart   (01/Nov/2012 7:34 AM) [Entry]
Thank you very very much Shining

5 allysya95   (31/Oct/2012 1:29 PM) [Entry]
Love all of you Hardworkers of RosaNegra!!! ali_061 Thanks for the releases Crying Love ya!!

4 Yulilla   (30/Oct/2012 10:54 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for new chapters Be habituated to the kiss! I love this manhwa ali_061 And really wait for the next chapters!))) shine

3 Talie   (30/Oct/2012 2:18 AM) [Entry]
Thank you for the releases! Wishing you a speedy recovery and good future health! ali_061

2 BloodRiverTM   (29/Oct/2012 10:26 PM) [Entry]
Dont know why but i went and see some information about "Became habituated with a kiss" and didn't expected to like it.
It is interesting but really so interesting that read all chatpters in less than 2 hours and know because of that know i cry for more.
Thx for your work and will be waiting for the next works from this group.

1 Manazyaoi   (29/Oct/2012 7:59 PM) [Entry]
RedFox1 Ahhh yay releases boohoo Crying waiting til xmas but ehh atleast we will get the releases Sigh so its ok worth the wait I guess thanks sooo much for all your hardwork hope you continue to recover and then stay in good health bow

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