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Release #30 | Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day

We are making a special release today, to celebrate motherhood. For those who are mother; mother to be and for all you future ones haa. This release is for you…

We will start with the introduction of two special manwhas, and I personally want to Thanks the Translators and Editors of this projects.

"I was a normal high school girl and just because of one thought of trying to escape the reality of my my pathetic family…. I become a MOM?!!"

"One day on an isolated island in front of a girl, Lee YuAn, a prince appeared!! "I Love You, I want to share this love with you"

With this two manhwa's we bring you updates on

 And with this releases we will be finishing another vols in this amazing projects. Let see what their next vols will bring us.

To those who are interested in helping us release more, we are currently looking for more Cleaners and Translators. And with amazing release, we bring you a sad note well is more a Evil Note ....

MY BOYFRIEND IS A VAMPIRE next release will be in our anniversary, it will be also this project anniversary. The first project we release... so before we will not release.  But I know you guys will love our anniversary release.

During May and June we will be releasing from the other projects, their release will be a surprise, so in other word I will not be posting like always which manhwa' we will do... Evil I know

So look forward to our releases and to our Anniversary release.

With Love
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25 Mirya   (17/Dec/2011 0:40 AM) [Entry]
I love this Manhwa the baby is really cute...... can anyone tell when the other chapter are going to come out and where can i read it plz....

24 Jovi   (17/Jul/2011 6:45 PM) [Entry]
Yeah i really love this its really cool and the baby is really cute and im glad she keep her baby because its blessing when i read the first chapter of this story when she knows that she is pregnant she want to kill the baby when she heard the sound of her tummy she feel in love and now she want to keep her baby yeahhah i cant wait for the next chapter thank you for your hard work for all manghwa love

23 HMM   (20/May/2011 7:08 AM) [Entry]
@shie well we haven't seen enough or read enough of the manhwa yet, so let's decide after reading lots of chapter :D although I do agree with you :P

22 JESSICA   (14/May/2011 11:36 AM) [Entry]
Oh my!? Shie we're the same actually im a HWANG MI RI MANHWA LOVER but this is the 1st time i've encountered this type of manhwa because the heroine got pregnant in 17 years of age too young , and the most shocking for me this manhwa is work by hwang mi ri ,,because most of hwang mi ri 's work r the same the heroine and her hero is have no child but this one is different..
i also want a new chapter about this manhwa...LUV IT!!

21 shie   (14/May/2011 7:43 AM) [Entry]
@EMARALD ~ is there any otHER SUGGESTIONS like manhwa? i mean in my 1st comment its the 1st time that i've read that the heroine in the story is a teen that become a mom as in having a" BIOLOGICAL CHILD ".

UFO BABY actually i did'nt read it yet but i read the summary ..tnx!

20 shie   (14/May/2011 7:26 AM) [Entry]

19 Emarald   (14/May/2011 5:48 AM) [Entry]
dammit ! i posted twice!!!!

18 Emarald   (14/May/2011 5:47 AM) [Entry]
try watching UFO baby ;)

17 Emarald   (14/May/2011 5:47 AM) [Entry]
you should try reading UFO baby..
it has a baby in it too

15 LunarSky   (14/May/2011 1:03 AM) [Entry]
[size=14]HELP!![/size] Beggingeyes where can you read Idol's Club?? i cant find it :(

16 Rosa_Roja   (14/May/2011 5:12 AM) [Entry]

13 shie   (13/May/2011 8:37 AM) [Entry]
haha! 1st time in my life that i've read a manhwa that having a child SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! i am looking forward for a new chapter in "I'M THE MOM, YOU'RE THE DAD"BECAUSE ITS SO CUTE! "i want faster releassseeessss abot this manhwa...pleeeeeeaaaaaassssse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 Rosa_Roja   (14/May/2011 0:47 AM) [Entry]
eyebrows we fell in love too with the manwha, and found it so interesting sine is the first one from hwang miri which the story have a teen mom. It was different and call our attention

12 dutchessYuki   (13/May/2011 7:40 AM) [Entry]
thank you... Read both of your new mangwha releases. They're pretty good. Looking forward to the other chapters!!!

11 mangafan   (12/May/2011 1:24 AM) [Entry]
A very happy mothers day indeed ... :)

10 moonlucille   (09/May/2011 5:54 PM) [Entry]
You are really great!! Thank you very much!!! I appreciate! love giggle

9 tam   (09/May/2011 3:13 PM) [Entry]
What a nice, nice Mother's day gift. Your group is great. Thank you. love

8 deishka   (09/May/2011 1:14 PM) [Entry]
thanks :DD eyebrows

7 4m4n0   (09/May/2011 7:08 AM) [Entry]
Happy Mother's Day! m012 m012 m012

6 lanie   (09/May/2011 4:14 AM) [Entry]
Great job on everything shine

5 Beckyree84   (09/May/2011 0:53 AM) [Entry]
Thanks for the mothers day greeting that was very fun! love

4 keric   (09/May/2011 0:46 AM) [Entry]
What an awesome Mother's Day release. Thank Rosa Team. RedFox1

I am looking forward to the Anniversary release now yayayay

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