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Hi Everyone!!


Thank you so much for all your patience! We’re sorry we've been taking so long to release. Things happen and we Rosas consider our staff as precious as family, and their health, personal matters and school come first.


However, in the interest of not only our precious readers, but also our precious staff (hahaha we all want to have these releases done!) our huge release will finally be coming up soon!! The few staff that we have at hand right now have been working overtime to complete not only the Manhwas and chapters that we promised you, but also, volumes, to make it up to you, as a thanks for all your patience.


Now that the exams and overseas holiday trips are almost over, all our staff will be coming back!! And of course, you know what that means… MORE RELEASES!!! AND A STEADY SCHEDULE!!!  (Yes!! ^_^)


Thank you again for all your patience. If you’d like to help us at all (especially as a K-Translator, Cleaner or Typesetter) please drop us a note at our "Contact Us” page, and let us know! ^_^ You are very much more than welcome to join our family…


Much Love,

From all the Rosas and RN Staff.

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15 Yuzuki   (30/Jan/2011 10:35 PM) [Entry]
YaY....sankyuu for releasing My bf is a vampire chapter 16 m015 and I can't wait for the next chapter and volume !!! RedFox1

and also good luck with the releasing giggle !!!


14 Rosa_Roja   (25/Jan/2011 8:58 PM) [Entry]
Thank you guys for you good comments and patience we will be staring releasing , i hope you guys love the release we will be doing.

thank you so much for your best wishes and for your get well too. that what make us keep this us, knowing not all people are trying to eat our head just cause we dontt release due to personal reasons.

again thank you and look forward for more release and it not gonna be long, next releases are in qc check so it will be soon. love

12 Saysaysay   (25/Jan/2011 5:15 AM) [Entry]
You guys suck balls!!!!!!! And vAginas damn it's been 2months shit heads. I :P

13 Rosa_Roja   (25/Jan/2011 8:54 PM) [Entry]
Saysaysay sorry if it being so long, but as you know we also have other things, we cant change the fact that people get sick, have school and work. I s not that we dont release cause we want you to wait , we are like you we want to read more from this manwhas too. But I WILL NOT PUT THIS MANWHAS BEFORE THE HEALTH , WORK OR STUDIES OF THE STAFF.
We will release and make a good release but I will always consider my staff, and is not fair give such negative comment when they do THEIR VERY BEST to help us release.

11 bluemoon   (22/Jan/2011 10:09 PM) [Entry]
where the release I wait alot time and day and month

9 Laura   (22/Jan/2011 4:13 AM) [Entry]
@ Kirsten Leins (aka kirchan) u're more then welcome to help us out :D
You can always learn Typesetting or Cleaning :) Im sure people on RN will be super happy to teach you :D
If they dont have time... i can help u out myself! ^___________^

10 Kirchan   (22/Jan/2011 7:57 PM) [Entry]
super cool!!! ^^ yayayay what do i need to do?

8 Kirsten Leins (aka kirchan)   (22/Jan/2011 4:10 AM) [Entry]
hey, i would like to learn to help you guys, do u think you could teach me? i posted in the forums about it, just wondering =q

7 gabi   (20/Jan/2011 1:34 AM) [Entry]
sorry.. i didn't see i post multiplous times..My PC have gonne crazy and i didn't see ... and i don't know how to erase... so sorry guys....
I hope you want get mad...

Sorry again

6 gabi   (20/Jan/2011 1:29 AM) [Entry]
I hope yous guys have gone well on your exams...

and thank you so much for always think about us..

see you soon guys...

5 mangafan   (14/Jan/2011 3:22 PM) [Entry]
Good luck with your Exams :) Hope to see you back soon

4 Fatima   (14/Jan/2011 3:15 PM) [Entry]
Thanks for working so hard all the time guys ... I've done some editing and its take a hell of a lot of patience ... I'd love to help you guys out eventually but the schedules really full right not

3 ds   (12/Jan/2011 5:08 PM) [Entry]
Thanking us for our patience? We should be thanking you for even doing this stuff! If it wasn't for you people, we wouldn't have our manwhas in the first place. So THANK YOU for your hard work.

2 mikaeila   (11/Jan/2011 11:51 PM) [Entry]
RedFox1 thank you so much! and also thank you for your hard work! love

1 DanutzaOverHere   (11/Jan/2011 7:51 PM) [Entry]
Happy yay! new releases! thank you for all your hard work:)

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