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RosaAzulDate: Tuesday, 17/Jan/2012, 7:24 PM
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#1: "Can we host your releases?"
Yes, as long as you don't remove any pages, credits, recruits, etc.

#2: "Why can't I access your releases?"
If you're a Member, you need to make 5-non-spam post. Go here for more information >"To Download our Release"<

#3: "Are you open for joints?"

It depends on projects and what part your group will take care. Please email us: rosanegrabr@gmail.com

#4: "Can I suggest a new project?"
We are open to suggestion, but please know we might not pick your project depending on the outcome of our staff and who is interested. Go here for Suggestions >Project Suggestions<

#5: Can I translate your project(s) to another language?
First, you have to email us: rosanegrabr@gmail.com and ask for the permission. You must provide us a link to your website.
Forum » Announcements » Rules & FAQs » FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
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