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juperos_itherionDate: Thursday, 14/Jul/2011, 9:02 AM
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Hi! I'm Juperos Itherion.

(I'm also known as xsasukerebornx and shinomorikyo/shinomori_kyo elsewhere)

I love romantic and adventure manga/manhua/manhwa/american done manga
I have many game systems (ps3,wii,360... psp,ds,gba... etc...) my newest acquisition is the ps3... not even a month old. I can't wait until I get Disgaea 3... (I'm hoping to get to the gamestop 22 miles away asap... the one in my town doesn't have it.)

I love the Tales of Series. I plan to get Graces F as soon as it is released in English.

I'm an artist... (and I need a different tablet... mine isn't compatible with my windows 7 laptop)
Yes, my avatar is a sketch of mine. I'm also a bit of a writer. But I haven't written anything substantial for a while. And what I wrote, I haven't typed up to publish. (aka fanfiction.) I also kill plot.

I can be found on facebook. if you search up shinomori kyo my real name will show up.
Forum » Announcements » Introductions » Hello
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