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Forum » Announcements » Introductions » greetings!? (uh...self intro i suppose)
lestat_andrewDate: Friday, 02/Mar/2012, 7:05 AM
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hi...lestat andrew here....it's my first time being this active in forums (im forced so i can read..haha)..but really its a great idea to make mems post stuff before we get to read anything..kudos to the rosa negra team ^^, im normally just the type to read mangga/manhwas without bothering to post anything..i do read some posts which i find interesting of course..

to answer rosa negra's question: "what do you like? interests? hobbies?"

i like reading books (i like a bit of romance but i think i prefer things that are in the genre about life and stuff..oh detective, action, thrillers are great too).. i dont read much anymore though except manggas/manhwas.. i tried audiobooks..its interesting if you like to multitask...oh if anyone noticed, i used the name lestat from anne rice's vampire chronicles character.. ^^, i also like animes a lot...and playing video games.. anyone has 'little empire' installed on their phone? please add me: lestat_andrew and zativ

as for hobbies..i like to draw.. i used to draw a lot in my younger days..but now its just passing time...i also write a bit...before i would write poems..now i do it in prose...mostly my thoughts on things... i don't blog though..i guess you could call it a diary of some sort..

oh yeah.. id like to ask.. why the name 'rosa negra'? i find it interesting..it reminds me of the mangga "Barajou no Kiss"... well enough about me..so before i stop typing, id like to say THANKS for a JOB WELL DONE Rosa Negra team! ali_061

p.s. im happy and sad that My Boyfriend is a Vampire ended... i dont want to read it just yet.. saving it up for later Crying
Forum » Announcements » Introductions » greetings!? (uh...self intro i suppose)
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