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Forum » Announcements » To Download our Releases » ZoeBright's first 5 posts with links
ZoeBright's first 5 posts with links
ZoeBrightDate: Tuesday, 27/Mar/2012, 4:52 AM
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(Post 1)
Hi All,

My name is Zoe Bright. I really like Korean girls comics. So full of fun stories :) I wish I could read Korean. I am really thankful for scan groups that translate these wonderful stories.


(Post 2)
Wow, this project has been completely scanlated! What a huge effort :) Thank you RoseN team :)

(Post 3)
Hi Rosa Negra team,

I read a number of scanlated and published manga/manhwa. Sometimes the original sound effects and language are kept. I prefer this treatment of the text. Mainly because I want to learn Korean someday and having been exposed to Korean text in tiny ways would be helpful in the future when I start to actively study Korean.

As I was looking at your cleaner instructions it appears that Rosa N has made the decision to remove sound effects and retouch the artwork. I am curious about why Rosa N has made the decision to do this - it seems like a lot of extra work! :)

- Zoe

(Post 4)
Quote (AshleyNemesis)
Rurouni Kenshin !!!!!! Samurai /faints

Lol, I was thinking when first reading this topic that who has a "crush" on a manga/manhwa character? Then AshleyNemesis mentioned Kenshin... and, well, he was certainly hot hot stuff for me a while back. :)

I must say, lots of hot manga/manhwa guys have been mentioned in this post. - Lot's of fun

(post 5)
A really fun story for me is a "they have to get married" story. Is this a genre? I don't know but I really like stories with this sort of premise.

Examples of this sort of story are Goong and Bride of the Water God.
RosaAzulDate: Tuesday, 27/Mar/2012, 5:33 PM
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Wow that's a new way to provide what you have written.
any way posts are checked. Happy reading the releases.

ZoeBrightDate: Wednesday, 28/Mar/2012, 2:54 AM
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Thanks RosaAzul,

I am looking forward to reading them! I am going to have a look at My Boyfriend is a Vampire first. Then "I'm the Mom You're the Dad" :)
Forum » Announcements » To Download our Releases » ZoeBright's first 5 posts with links
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