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Meant to Be Chapter 06
RosaAzulDate: Tuesday, 07/Feb/2012, 4:27 PM
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Disclaimer: I do hereby disclaim all rights and responsibilities for the characters. They belong to their rightful owners.

Warning: Story contains out-of-character-ness.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Chapter Six

"Haku, wake up if you don't want to late for academy." Kagome called from the kitchen while preparing breakfast and a bento, a home-packed meal, for lunchtime. When she heard the water running, she smiled satisfied.

Suddenly a boy burst in shouting, "Morning Kagome nee-chan! Is Haku-kun ready?" Kagome shrieked, and then inhale deeply before replying.

"Naruto, you should knock first before entering someone's house. Haku is having a bath. He should come down soon."

"Heh-heh, sorry Kagome nee-chan. I'm just excited, that's all." Naruto laughed nervously.

"It's okay. Would like to have breakfast with us?" Kagome asked.

"Sure! I'd love to," answered Naruto and took a sit, waiting for Haku to come down.

Kagome decided to make a lunch bento for Naruto, too. After all, he is like little brother even though they just met yesterday. After Haku came down, they started eating. For breakfast, Kagome made Naruto a bowl of ramen, and for her and Haku bacon and egg. After breakfast, Kagome handed them their lunch bento. Naruto looked surprised at his bento; he blinked wildly before saying his gratitude.

"You're welcome. As I told you yesterday you're welcome to join us anytime," Kagome smiled at him. "Have fun at the academy, Haku take care of Kirara." Kagome hugged Naruto, and gave Haku a kiss on his forehead. Haku, now with Kirara on his shoulder, and Naruto turned and walked to the academy. Kagome stood there waiting until they were out of her sight before she went inside.

"I guess I should start looking for a job." Kagome mumbled to herself. She could work at the hospital; however, the risk that she revealed herself would be bigger than elsewhere. As a miko, she knew how to heal every part of a person, and even how to grow missing limbs. While the medical-nins did not know the proper way to set bones and could not heal punctured lungs; Kagome did.

The chakra of a medic-nin could not heal a person with life-threatening injuries. She had offered the Hokage her services if needed and only in serious cases for she did not want anyone know about neither her heritage nor the power she possess.

Therefore, Kagome decided that she would look for civilian job for example as a librarian, a cook, or a waiter. Believing it was the right choice; she left the house and around Konoha looking for a job. Kagome was so deep in her thoughts that she did not realize when she bumped into someone. Lucky for her the person she bumped into, grabbed her wrist prevent her from falling.

Kagome looked up to the person intend to apologize for bumping into the person. She was staring in an intensity pair of dark grey eyes and she gulped. His face was handsome. He had dark grey eyes, black hair that hung near his cheeks to frame his face and a long ponytail. However, his most distinguishing characteristics were the long pronounced tear troughs under his eyes.

He wore a black shirt, and black pants with a weapons pouch strapped to them. He also had his headband that is worn by ninjas only, composed of a metal plate engraved with the symbol of Konoha, and a band of blue cloth.

Kagome could feel her cheek redden as she kept gazing at his handsome face. After a few moments, she finally realized she was staring at him and she regained her consciousness. Kagome stepped back as the person released her wrist.

"Thank you. I'm sorry for bumping into you," she said bowing politely. "I was so deep in thoughts that I pay attention to my surroundings. I'm really sorry." Kagome explained before looking into his eyes again as she waited nervously for his answer.

However, instead of saying anything he just kept looking into Kagome's sky-blue orbs. His gaze was so intent, and Kagome fought against the urge to turn her head away from his intensive stare. It was silent for one long second. Before the ninja turned and walked away, leaving a shock and totally confused Kagome behind.

'Well, that sure was rude.' Kagome thought, still staring at the direction where the ninja had disappeared, that she did not notice Aki was now resting on her shoulder.

Aki, who wanted Kagome's attention, waited patiently however she was not aware of his presence.

"...Kagome?" Aki asked worriedly. His voice startled Kagome who nearly scream for all Konohans to hear if not for Aki saying, "It's me, Aki." Kagome was holding her hands above her hearts as is trying to keep it there.

"Aki, you really shouldn't sneak up on me like that, unless you want to give me a heart attack," said Kagome with a huff after she calmed down. Aki mumbled an apology.

"Where were you the entry morning?" Kagome demanded.

"I was stretching my limbs, and looking around Konoha," replied Aki. "By the way what are you doing here? I thought you'd be at home."

"Oh, I was looking for a job." Kagome answered.

"Well if you were planning on standing here and waited for a job to drop in, then I won't be surprised if you don't find any job." Aki said in a teasing tone.

"I was trying, before I bumped into someone," Kagome scowled.

"Aa, that is now where it leads, huh? Instead of looking for a job, you are trying to get a boyfriend. Tss" Aki laughed. Kagome blushed.

Ignoring Aki, Kagome huffed and stomped away. Aki flew behind her still sniggering.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Haku, on whose shoulder Kirara was resting, and Naruto were walking when they spotted Iruka Umino moving towards their destination, too.

"Iruka-sensei!" yelled Naruto on top of his lungs, causing the-deep-in-thoughts Iruka to trip over his own feet and Kirara whimpered in pain because of her sensitive ears. Iruka groaned after his face had kissed the ground. Iruka stood and brushed the dirt of his ninja uniform. He twirled around just to see his young academy student who was laughing and commenting something like 'that was too easy'.

"Naruto Uzumaki!" Iruka snapped at the young boy. When Naruto saw the very angry face of his sensei, he dashed towards the academy at high speed, leaving Haku behind. Iruka was about to run after Naruto when he spotted a girly-looking boy, he stopped.

He wore a green blue short kimono with white edges, and around his waist a green brown obi, and a pair of shredded knee-length pants. On his shoulder there sat a cat with two tails. Iruka blinked. 'That cat has two tails? But it is not a bijuu.'

Slowly, Iruka approached the boy and asked, "Who are you? And what relations do you have with Naruto?"

"I'm Haku Higurashi, new in Konoha and this is our cat Kirara," Haku answered and bowed politely. "I'll be attending the ninja academy as of today."

'Haku Higurashi...ah my new student, the one the Hokage inform me yesterday.' Iruka thought. "Well if that's the case, then I'll walk you to the academy." Iruka started walking, and Haku followed.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Naruto finally arrived in front of the classroom after running away from Iruka-sensei. He sighed in relief when he did not see the sensei hot on his heels. He took one step and what happened next was too fast for Naruto to register. When realized what has happened, Naruto found himself sitting on the ground and his hands tied with robes behind his back and Iruka-sensei looking down to him. The other academy students were looking at the pair uninterested as if it was nothing.

Then the door slid open reveal another Iruka-sensei and Haku with Kirara. At that moment, the Iruka in front of Naruto disappeared. Iruka released Naruto and turned to face his students.

"Class, this is your new classmate, Haku Higurashi. Be nice to him," said Iruka, and the entire class, except the boy with spiky black hair with a blue tint and onyx eyes, looked either shocked or relieved. The boys were shocked because they thought they would have a new beautiful girl as their classmate, and the girls were relieved because they did not want a new potential competitor for a certain boy's attention.

With scowl on his face, Iruka ordered Naruto. "And you go to your seat." Iruka waited until Naruto took his seat and mentioned Haku to sit next to Naruto. The class was silent because today was the day for the final exam. Should they pass the exam then they will receive the forehead protector with their village symbol on it, and they will be a genin, the lowest rank of ninja.

"When your name is called, go in front of the class," Iruka began. "And then you'll perform the Clone Jutsu. You have to create at least three effective replications. If you can do it then you pass the exam." Naruto had a horrified expression on his face when Iruka-sensei mentioned the test to be on the Clone Jutsu. 'Urgh! That is my worst technique. Darn. I'm never gonna pass.' Naruto thought in terror.

Everyone had passed the exam and received their forehead protector, well except Naruto. He could only create one, and it was not good for the clone did not stand on his feet but rather lying on the floor.

\-\-\-/-/-/ \-\-\-/-/-/

Naruto, who failed to exam, sat on a swing with a sad look in his eyes while looking at the others. Haku passed the exam and was now waiting for his Onee-chan to come. He stood next to Naruto and was trying to comfort him and Kirara did the same; nuzzling Naruto. Naruto was in sad mood that he did not touch his bento Kagome had made for him.

Kirara one with sensitive ears was listening to a conversation between two women, who were talking about Naruto.

"There, you see him? It is that boy. I heard he is the only who failed." One of them said with disgust in her voice.

"Humph, well it serves him right," said one with lightly darker hair than the other in the same tone.

"Just imagine what would happen if he became a ninja. He is the boy who..." the first one added.

"Shh, we're not allowed to talk about that," the other one cut the first off. Kirara upon hearing that, hissed in disdain. The two women seemed to notice that, and were about to make a comment but a voice cut them off.

"Haku! Kirara! Naruto!" A musical voice called them. Haku, Kirara and Naruto looked up to see Kagome running towards them. When Kagome was in front of them, Kirara jumped on her head because Aki already sat on Kagome shoulder, and meowed in greeting. Kagome kissed Haku gently on the forehead and ruffled Naruto's hair gently.

"Hello sweeties, I heard today was the final examination. How was it?" Kagome asked softly and smiled lovingly at them. Kagome did not see the others giving her an odd look when she called out Naruto's name and smiled at him like that. She did not need to see it because she could sense the other's hate towards Naruto. She ignored them.

'Everyone had passed, everyone but Naruto,' Kirara answered. 'Oh, I see.' Kagome frowned when Kirara told her what the other ninjas were talking about before she met them.

Kagome touched Naruto on his cheek, bent down a little, and gave him a tender smile. "That's alright Naruto." She told him softly.

"No, it is not," hissed Naruto. "Everyone passed everyone but me." Kagome could feel his pain, and her heart ached for the lonely boy. She knew how it was to be an outsider.

"Hmm... How about I buy you a bowl of ramen, and after that you can home with us and I will train you?" Kagome asked smiling. Naruto's face lit up with hope for second before the painful look in his returned.

"You, and train me? You can't train me because you aren't a Kunoichi." Naruto replied emotionless, his fist clenched.

"Well, it may be that I'm not a Kunoichi. However, I do know how to fight, how to perform jutsus and more. I can fight in either case, with or without jutsus." Kagome smiled at Naruto mysteriously.

"Isn't it right, Haku?" Kagome asked. Haku nodded, and smiled brightly at Naruto. Naruto's eyes now gleamed with new hope and grinned at her.

"If so, what are we waiting for? Off to Ichiraku Ramen Bar!" Naruto then took Kagome's and Haku's hand and pulled towards Ichiraku. Kagome laughed but still allowed him to drag her away. She was so glad that Naruto had now his hyperactivity back that she did not notice the ninja she encountered before, looking at her with interest.
Forum » Other » Stories » Meant to Be Chapter 06 (Inuyasha-Naruto-Crossover, Itachi/Kagome)
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