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Forum » Discussions » Manga/Manwha » RYUURODEN Manga (... Lets talk about it (^_^))
KaiLeeDate: Saturday, 04/Jun/2011, 4:46 PM
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A shounen story where 2 teenagers went back in time to the "Three Kingdoms" period of China. An entertaining action series with some light moment & a bit of romance. You also get to learn a bit about that era.

From JanKenPon:
Middle schoolers, Shiro and Masumi, encountered a mysterious dragon that brought them back to the time of the Three Kingdoms; situated in ancient China. As soon as they arrived, they were rescued by the Han Kingdom. Not long after these events, Masumi was kidnapped and Shiro barely escaped death... Soon the story gets more complicated as they are stuck in the past. Summary from Mangafox. Heheheh....


I was bored and gave this manga a chance. To my surprise, I enjoyed it. Awesome story with good art. Can not ask for more from a manga. Well, maybe more romance. Lol. love
What are your thoughts about the story?
Likes and dislike?
yayayay Happy reading.
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Forum » Discussions » Manga/Manwha » RYUURODEN Manga (... Lets talk about it (^_^))
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