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11:11 AM
My Boyfriend is a Vampire c02
Hi everyone.
A week of no release, and now finally!!

Here is it: My Boyfriend is a Vampire chapter 02!!
Click here for download

Don't forget to register an account to access our release!!
Agaiin thanks to Pink Rose Scans and Tinte!!
In this Chapter the Vampire Boy finally appear!!
He is sooo good looking...

We are still looking for KOREAN TRASNLATORS,
experience Proofreaders and Quality Checkers!!!
Please apply and help us!!

enjoy it everyone^^
Love Azu~
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8 XD   (29/Jun/2010 9:29 PM)
whoopsie, my mistake
lemme correct my comment

thanks for the release

but the text aren't in the right bubbles

my guess is the editor was reading and placing the text in from right to left, when the translation was from left to right

thanks anyway ^^"

sorry bout that XD

but the text is still misplaced on the first 3 pages

e.g. pg. 3 it should be yoo da saying "ah well it's your command~" and not the tall guy, the tall guy should be saying that he's the bu-jiang

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9 Rosa_Dorada   (30/Jun/2010 0:08 AM)
shine Many thanks for your information RedFox1
We will correct the wrong bubbles and upload later a second version yayayay

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10 RosaAzul   (30/Jun/2010 0:14 AM)
thank you!
now that you mention it..
i'll gonna do a version 2 of this one, Beggingeyes

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6 Rosa_Blanca   (29/Jun/2010 12:40 PM)
Thank you for this wonderful release love

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7 RosaAzul   (29/Jun/2010 1:21 PM)
thank you so much it makes us happy to hear it!^^ shine

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3 XD   (29/Jun/2010 1:16 AM)
thanks for the release

but the text aren't in the right bubbles

my guess is the editor was reading and placing the text in from left to right, when the translation was from right to left

thanks anyway ^^"

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4 Rosa_Dorada   (29/Jun/2010 2:11 AM)
haha sorry to say this but the text is in the right bubbles and manhwas are from left to right. Thats how you read them eyebrows

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5 RosaAzul   (29/Jun/2010 9:25 AM)
giggle you didn't know that manhwas are read fro left to right? that's no problem now that you know, youcan undersatand the sotry more^^ be careful next time^^

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1 Aine   (28/Jun/2010 11:31 AM)
thank you!!

today i post a lot here!!

well doesn't matter!
it's the only way to show you my gratitude.
love love

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2 Rosa_Dorada   (28/Jun/2010 12:29 PM)
Thank you so much Aine XD We are happy that you like our Project and we can see how Grateful you are. Thank you love

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