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Release #40 | Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Valentine treasures are people who have shined the warmth of love
or a spark of light that makes you remember them.
No matter how long since we've actually met,

Each one of you is a luminous gem who gleams and glows in our memory,
Bringing special pleasures, and that's why this Valentine's Gift comes to you.
And you, dear Readers/Staff Members are one of those sparkling treasures!

To make this Valentine Day memorable for you:

Volume 11 + 12 of

 Volume 05 ch3+4 of

Volume 02 ch4

 Volume 03 ch4

 P.S.: Vampire Boyfriend's v13 is being typesetted and will be added, as soon as it is done.

With love Azu~
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37 heyladyspace   (23/Feb/2012 3:17 AM)
giggle <- lol this is soo cute thanks so much you guys a so cool

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36 karenkassandra   (21/Feb/2012 0:06 AM)
keep up the good work love

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38 RosaAzul   (07/Mar/2012 10:32 PM)
Thanks.^^ hugs

Don't worry We'll do our best to bring out the manhwas.^^ I hope you'll continue to support RN^^

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34 argy   (17/Feb/2012 8:52 PM)
can u pls release the next chapter of my boyfriend is a vampire Beggingeyes i reaallly love it ls release soon the next chapter pls pls Beggingeyes Beggingeyes

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33 keric   (17/Feb/2012 12:03 PM)
thanks Rosa team!!! Happy valentine's day! What an awesome release! Can't wait to finish the rest of Vampire BF

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32 chintya   (17/Feb/2012 6:22 AM)
Now, i have something to be read and downloded. Thanks and Keep Going! yayayay

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31 chintya   (17/Feb/2012 6:18 AM)
Thanks! now, i have something to be read and downloaded. Keep going yayayay

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28 Yumimi   (16/Feb/2012 10:07 AM)
giggle love love love Happy happy happy valentin's day thanh you very very much 4 your releases[color=blue] shine

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39 RosaAzul   (07/Mar/2012 10:34 PM)
I am not sure from which series/manhwa. I can only guess.

I do believe it's from the Bride of the Water God or something like that.

Hoope it'll helps you.^^

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27 BitzyNerd   (16/Feb/2012 10:01 AM)
I've read a lot of scans you guys have posted, thanks so much for your work! I was wondering what series does that first picture above is from?

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29 RosaAzul   (16/Feb/2012 4:12 PM)
I'm sorry but I do not know of the series. It is a manhwa that I can tell. Maybe goong? but I' not sure.

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35 Manazyaoi   (17/Feb/2012 11:28 PM)
The Name of the series is Bride of the Water God wonderful series must read giggle

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26 BitzyNerd   (16/Feb/2012 9:59 AM)
I've read a lot of your scans as of lately, thank you so much! I was wondering series does that picter above from your post? I'm dieing inside not knowning.

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30 Rosa_Dorada   (16/Feb/2012 5:14 PM)
Thats Bride of watergod RedFox1

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25 marlensh   (16/Feb/2012 8:55 AM)
thank you so much this is the best gift ever ^_^.

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24 Midoriko   (16/Feb/2012 6:31 AM)
A little late(my post), but thank you for all the hard work. Definately worth the wait! Please keep chugging along, as your fans love the way you scanlate your works. I'm, and hopefully I speak for the rest of us, eternally appreciative of and joyous due to you guys. Don't ever stop doing what makes you happy!

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40 RosaAzul   (07/Mar/2012 10:36 PM)
Thank you very much for your kind words. :)

we will do our best!! Please continue to support us^^

P.S. I like the character Midoriko from Inuyasha a lot. I enjoyreading SessxKag fanfictions!!

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23 kalliberri   (16/Feb/2012 1:22 AM)
Hey, I was just wondering:If I was able to get some people together to work on Girl and I'm the mom, you're the dad, would you give us the scanned volumes? It might be faster that way, since you guys have so much work...

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22 miyuri   (15/Feb/2012 8:56 PM)
Happy Valentine love Thank you very much for the releases giggle

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21 RosaAzul   (15/Feb/2012 4:29 PM)
Thank you everyone!! Happy Valentine's Day!! I'm so happy you guys enjoy the small release!! RedFox1

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20 Shan-Chan   (15/Feb/2012 9:07 AM)
Finally!!! Thank You Very Much!! love love giggle giggle

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19 zad   (15/Feb/2012 6:03 AM)
Thanks!! yayayay

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18 zanyduke   (15/Feb/2012 5:02 AM)
Thanks for the release. Happy Valentine's Day love

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17 Usagi-chan   (15/Feb/2012 2:28 AM)
Happy Valentine's Day!! Thank you so much for all the awesome releases!!

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16 Ravenoffire87   (15/Feb/2012 1:22 AM)
Thank you for the releases! You guys rock!!!!! Also, Happy Valentines Day!!!!

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15 Tacita06   (15/Feb/2012 0:41 AM)
Thank you so much!! You just made me really really happy! I appreciate your hard work!

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