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6:22 PM
Release #41 | 1st COMPLETE PROJECT
The time you all waited for so long, yes is that time!
My Boyfriend is a Vampire last release!

With this we finish our first project,
thank you all for reading and for patiently waiting for this releases.

Also as a bonus ha!
We bring you another vol from Cinderella!
Ending another great vol!

With this we closed February releases,and as promise.
Next month we will bring you more on

And maybe more haa!

With love,
Enjoy the vols

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38 sonix033   (23/Aug/2015 12:43 PM)
My boyfriend is a vampire is amazing! Please make others like it! Oh how I love it! Shining

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37 Rinrin   (15/Aug/2014 2:31 PM)
excuse me, anyone. hmm
I haven't read My Boyfriend is a Vampire. Is that really good? I was searching all over the internet, and they're making such a ruckus about.

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36 Dandelion   (19/Apr/2012 2:16 PM)
A millions of thanks..!! ali_061

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35 няФФФка   (24/Mar/2012 1:08 PM)
ali_061 i'm wait Crying Crying
grrr grrr grrr

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34 MAI   (23/Mar/2012 8:56 AM)
thanks guys. please upload soon. can't wait to

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33 Julianna Wu   (06/Mar/2012 5:58 AM)
Great work ! can you guys make another story similiar to my boyfriend is vampire ! i really like it ! try to to make a movie about it I bet it would be super cool!

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32 rukia95   (05/Mar/2012 10:54 PM)
Thank for this project ali_072

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31 Renata   (05/Mar/2012 8:09 PM)
I love your first story My boyfried is a vampire :) I read the hole story in 1 day... You're wondarfyl creators !!!!

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30 chichi   (05/Mar/2012 2:58 AM)
thank you very much, and congratulation ^^, i really enjoy reading it :D :D :D

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29 Zuzi   (04/Mar/2012 9:57 PM)
grantz for finishing this project i loved it !

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28 akira19   (04/Mar/2012 9:49 PM)
congrats no completing your first project. . . thank you for your hardwork. . . all d best on your current projects. . . . yayayay

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27 keenjin   (04/Mar/2012 4:41 PM)
ayieeee! I'm gonna miss MY BOYFRIEND is a VAMPIRE HUHUHU! Thank you so much!

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26 OriginalFanGirl   (03/Mar/2012 5:40 PM)
Congratulations on completing the project. Thanks for all the great reads too. :)

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25 aloneindarkness   (02/Mar/2012 5:28 PM)
^^ Nice ;-)

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24 anoli   (02/Mar/2012 5:26 PM)
Thanks so much for release Happy and congrats for complete project.

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21 Himawari   (02/Mar/2012 1:33 PM)
yay!! you guys are amazing!! and i can't wait for LOVER PUZZLE!! its been a while. :D heh

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20 3flowers   (02/Mar/2012 3:55 AM)
Congrats on your first complete!!!!!

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19 Kiki5102th   (02/Mar/2012 1:49 AM)
When are you going to do GIRL because it replacing love in the mask for me and my boyfriend is a vampire :)

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18 allysya95   (02/Mar/2012 1:43 AM)
This is why I love ya guys!!! hugs Thanks so much for the releases!

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16 keric   (02/Mar/2012 0:10 AM)
I can't download Cinderella though. Too much traffic according to the error message...

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23 RosaAzul   (02/Mar/2012 5:05 PM)
I have a mirror link to that Volume already up. You can find it in the forum.

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