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11:09 PM
Hi Everyone!
Hi Everyone!

Hope you all being doing great,
just letting you know we almost done with our next release,
this time you will be able to read.

I will be adding more pics as the week goes,
if I see they will make it for this release.

For those who are

We are working in them, hopefully at the end of the month
you will be reading another release on Girl,
and for next month Don't Cheat on Me!
will be added in our release list.

With Love
Rosa Roja amd RN Staff.
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25 Annikabannika   (28/Jun/2011 3:09 PM)
At first I didn't think that Lover Puzzle would be interesting but who am I kidding all her works are amazing and you guys are doing a fantastic job letting us read them.
Thank you! love

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24 rem   (07/Jun/2011 5:19 PM)
this is really good,
love all the new releases. RedFox1

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23 Katie R   (06/Apr/2011 9:43 AM)
Without yall i wouldn't know what to do with my time. <3

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22 Akira   (25/Mar/2011 6:54 AM)
Ahh... Im addicted to the manhwas :D

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21 dons   (24/Mar/2011 11:03 AM)
my boyfriend is a vampire and he rocks!!! im waiting for your release yeahhah

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20 Emarald   (16/Mar/2011 4:56 PM)
ahem when are the releases again? Beggingeyes

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19 wollfyn   (16/Mar/2011 3:11 AM)
I just picked up My Boyfriend is a Vampire and instantly fell into addiction. I have enjoyed your releases and eagerly look forward to more in the future. Awesome job!!

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16 shinbai   (13/Mar/2011 7:38 PM)
when 'll u releases them Beggingeyes can't wait
what about"she's scary" love i like it so much [color=blue][size=12]

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17 Rosa_Roja   (14/Mar/2011 9:00 PM)
eyebrows soon we are waiting for them to be all typ, , scary will be release also this month

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15 paige   (13/Mar/2011 7:26 PM)
why is adventure of snow white not in the list??? :'(

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18 Rosa_Roja   (14/Mar/2011 9:02 PM)
eyebrows Cuase snow white will be in the next release but it will be release this month, we are gonna release two ch on show white, hopefully is there no set back

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12 bella   (12/Mar/2011 6:10 PM)
and ADVENT OF SNOW WHITE OF THE HELL? Can I help with something? giggle

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13 RosaAzul   (12/Mar/2011 8:50 PM)
Of course you can. If youre willing to help us then we're really happy. We are in need of editors/cleaners/typesetters.^^ Beggingeyes

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11 milkcoffee   (11/Mar/2011 5:02 PM)

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10 Maya   (10/Mar/2011 9:30 PM)
That's great!
Thanks for letting us know. I really look forward to these releases. RedFox1

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8 paige   (08/Mar/2011 4:00 PM)
i soooo can NOT wait for my bf is a vampire!!!!
its goinggg to be amazing i bet !!

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7 Sekomi   (08/Mar/2011 2:19 PM)
Yay hope I will be able to read this soon Happy

Thanks for your hard work guys hopefully it all goes well m035


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6 Esty   (08/Mar/2011 12:40 PM)
Thank you for the releases ^__^ and YAY dont cheat on me is going to be put on the release list, im so glad to hear that.

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5 Athena   (08/Mar/2011 6:53 AM)
thank you RN staff!! love

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4 Emarald   (08/Mar/2011 6:19 AM)
Cinderella is in the list!!!! I AM SOO HAPPY!!! giggle

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3 Emarald   (08/Mar/2011 6:18 AM)
..when exactly are the releases?

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9 Rosa_Roja   (08/Mar/2011 11:00 PM)
as soon as all the manwhas we listed are done with qc

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14 Emarald   (13/Mar/2011 3:27 PM)
how much longer before the QC gets done?

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2 LynnValentine   (08/Mar/2011 2:28 AM)
Yayy Awesome I saw the next releases looked like they were close so good to hear they'll be out soon

much love for Staff love RedFox1

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1 allysya95   (08/Mar/2011 0:39 AM)
With That I give you guys my love and support as well! love

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