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Release #32
Hey there everyone!

How are you all?! Here I am again giving you some release this time we are staring another vol on

and giving you more on 

our next release will be on Father' Day if there no missing. And then later our Annv release and My Boyfriend is a Vampire annv release. I know you guys will like that one.

In another note we will be releasing some specific manwhas after our annv. Due to the fact that Rosa Amarilla and me will be away for a while. But as soon as we get back all the manwhas will be moving like normal.

This project will be

If possible
100 DAYS

And as soon as the scan are ready

With love
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32 kk   (10/Oct/2011 5:02 AM)
I love all the manga by Han Yu-rang! they all good, thanks

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31 kk   (10/Oct/2011 4:59 AM)
grrr can't wait to read! so excited! yeahhah

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30 kk   (10/Oct/2011 4:57 AM)
I just love manga! love

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29 kk   (10/Oct/2011 4:56 AM)

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28 kk   (10/Oct/2011 4:54 AM)
hey glad to be here, can't wait to read

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27 lally   (14/Jul/2011 7:48 AM)
Can't wait to see!!! I love all this project.... To be honest I didn't understand UGLY for wich one is.... Maybe minhuori to swan?!? O.o Thanks so much for relising XD love

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26 mandy   (29/Jun/2011 7:57 AM)
I can't wait too read all of them RedFox1 I just red some of them Beggingeyes im so happy to have some more chapters to read giggle

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25 Annikabannika   (28/Jun/2011 3:00 PM)
Nice! I read them all! yayayay
Thank you! love

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24 dutchessYuki   (16/Jun/2011 10:56 PM)
love thanks for all your hardwork!!! I love all the releases... and just like everyone else... can't get enough of them...

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22 rahmah   (13/Jun/2011 9:17 AM)
hello nice to meet u love

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21 rahmah   (13/Jun/2011 9:15 AM)

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20 Sekomi   (12/Jun/2011 11:28 PM)
yay like always there's only good stuff on the release Happy
thanks for your hard work, I'm shure we all here are very grateful for what you all do to make this here possible bow
love love

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18 vieyu   (11/Jun/2011 3:46 PM)
doki...doki... for the new release...

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17 khalanie   (11/Jun/2011 5:36 AM)
why some pages "I will be cinderella" not sequential
that interfere...and thank's for release^^

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19 Rosa_Roja   (11/Jun/2011 6:55 PM)
Beggingeyes it should be ok now, i send the file again , for me the pages are ok, let me know if someone have problem with it, to see if i have to send the ch again with another program

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16 Doll   (11/Jun/2011 0:35 AM)
Thank you for translating "I will be cinderella" !!!

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15 3flowers   (09/Jun/2011 10:27 AM)
Thanks for the updates and appriciat all the hard work you do.
Enjoy your time away too.
Oh and I got really scared for a sec when you said fathers day, as thats not till September where I live.

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14 3flowers   (09/Jun/2011 10:24 AM)

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13 can help!   (08/Jun/2011 4:44 AM)
Exciting news! Are you guys still recruiting? I sent an email about a week ago offering to help but no answer yet. Hope you're not on vacay yet b/c I'd love to help with future releases!

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23 Emarald   (15/Jun/2011 10:46 PM)
Actually, Rosa Negra is always recrutiing..
try mailing at

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12 kkatty35   (07/Jun/2011 5:14 PM)
I can` t wait RedFox1 RedFox1 Thank you a lott love love love

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11 rem   (07/Jun/2011 5:09 PM)
thanks for the releases,really interesting!!

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