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Hey everyone!
Hey Everyone!

Just stopping by to see how you all are doing and to let  you know also we gonna making a release soon, this time it will be in 2 great project.

With love
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36 Brownkyatt01   (13/Aug/2012 8:41 PM)
Beggingeyes patiently waiting for nan eomma nun appa release Crying please tell me it'll be soon..i'll love u guys 4ever n ever.... grrr its like torture waiting

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35 LilyAngel   (03/Sep/2011 5:26 AM)
I'm really looking forward to more releases of girl, thank you for scanalating it

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34 Jovi   (30/Jun/2011 9:14 PM)
Hi guys

I am in love with Hwang mi ri and Han yu-rang works its really amizing the story and also the drawing and when is the next chaper of NAN EOMMA NUN APPA because im so excited to know what happend next ohh gosh im going crazy because of this manga grrr grrr yayayay love

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33 mandy   (29/Jun/2011 8:24 AM)
i cant wait to see what they are. grrr i will be so happy RedFox1 thank you so very much. bow

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32 vieyu   (11/Jun/2011 3:37 PM)
thank you.... just wanna read your work....(unpatient) yayayay yayayay

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31 NanEommaNunAppa   (08/Jun/2011 5:18 AM)
Hey ... wanna drop some thanks to you guys :)

I love Nan Eomma Nun Appa please upload soon :))

more power guys ...


xoxo ..

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30 Jo   (06/Jun/2011 2:42 AM)
thanks so much for your hard work! It's very much appreciated :)

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29 Manazyaoi   (05/Jun/2011 11:32 PM)
Beggingeyes Longing for releases

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26 lili   (04/Jun/2011 1:28 PM)
when is MIUNOHRI TO SWAN gonna release its soo nicee and if anyone knos sadd manga tell me :)

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25 XxjasminxX   (04/Jun/2011 12:18 PM)
thanks hope you finish shes scary soon or ill be the one shes scary heheh jokes :)

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24 Claudia   (04/Jun/2011 7:56 AM)
Thank you so much again:)

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23 Doll   (04/Jun/2011 3:39 AM)
Thank you guys to translate Hwang Mi ri !!!!
ps: i love "my boy friend is a vampire" U.U

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22 Juliet   (04/Jun/2011 2:10 AM)
I'm The Mom You're The Dad!!! Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes Beggingeyes

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28 Rosa_Roja   (04/Jun/2011 2:03 PM)
It will be release as soon the manhwa are scan

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21 Pauly d   (03/Jun/2011 10:55 PM)
hey when r u uploading MIUNOHRI TO SWAN

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27 Rosa_Roja   (04/Jun/2011 2:02 PM)
it will be release soon, it being clean and as soon as all the translator are back from there school stuff, it will be release.

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19 Claudia   (03/Jun/2011 12:28 PM)
Hey may I know when surviving the rebel will have new releases thank you soo soo much:)

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20 Rosa_Roja   (03/Jun/2011 3:25 PM)

we will start again in Rebel as soon we are giving break to all teh staff to be back. we will be staring working in it as soon as we finish annv release

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18 Cy sO-ju   (03/Jun/2011 11:26 AM)
잘하면 더 나중에 업데이트 :)

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17 Cy sO-ju   (03/Jun/2011 11:22 AM)
can't wait :DDD

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15 paige   (02/Jun/2011 11:30 PM)

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16 Rosa_Roja   (03/Jun/2011 0:08 AM)
we are currently translating snow white Beggingeyes

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11 XxjasminxX   (31/May/2011 5:43 PM)
pleaseeeeeeeeee let it be in shes scary because its been soo loong it hasnt been released :*( pleaseeeeeeeeeee .. thanks if you do

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12 Rosa_Roja   (01/Jun/2011 3:38 AM)
scary will be release soon, we are getting the missing things so we can release it, hopefully finishing the rest of vol 6.

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10 Jessica   (31/May/2011 4:20 PM)
please let it be my boyfriend is a vamp. ill be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy (LOVE ROSANEGRA:)

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13 Rosa_Roja   (01/Jun/2011 3:39 AM)
Beggingeyes Vampire it will be next month release, we are holding it until the annv, but I swear you all will like the release we will do that day

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