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7:06 AM
Hey everyone!
Hey everyone!

Soon this month:

Maybe more

With love

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16 LilyAngel   (03/Sep/2011 5:29 AM)
Thanks for all your hard work

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15 Claudia   (03/Jun/2011 5:28 AM)
Hey thank you so soo much for all the releases i don't know how I would be able to read all this manhwa without your help :) cause I can't understand Korean words @ all hwang mi ri and Han-Yu rang manhwas are my tags:) anw may I know when would there be any new releases for surviving the rebel ??? Thank you:)

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14 Mlwiekel   (13/May/2011 3:42 PM)
I would really like to help if I can. Reading Manhwa is a hobby of mine

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13 MIsSLoNeLy   (10/May/2011 7:32 PM)
I'm waitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing RedFox1

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12 dutchessYuki   (10/May/2011 4:56 AM)
I do really appreciate all your hardwork... only if I can help out you guys... (sadly, I cannot read Japanese or Korean characters. English will do...hehehe!!!)... But, Kudos to all of you still... I will continue to wait for the releases....

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11 Sekomi   (09/May/2011 2:20 PM)
RedFox1 RedFox1 RedFox1 RedFox1
Thank you guys so much for your work hopefully you are all healthy :P

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10 4m4n0   (09/May/2011 7:20 AM)

Thank you!

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9 sg   (09/May/2011 4:59 AM)
when anniversary?

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8 zad   (08/May/2011 11:09 AM)
I'm addicted to my boyfriend is a vampire.!!!
Every morning i open your website hoping that there will be new releases.
Thank you for your hardwork as i'm sure you are busy with your own life..
Thanks again!!

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7 milkcoffee   (07/May/2011 5:14 PM)

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6 Manazyaoi   (07/May/2011 2:42 AM)
yayayay hehehe Tease RedFox1

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4 Manazyaoi   (06/May/2011 10:19 PM)
Beggingeyes She's Scary??? tiptip
But on another note Love you guys thanx for the releases eyebrows

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5 Rosa_Roja   (06/May/2011 11:04 PM)
giggle That why I wrote Maybe more giggle giggle

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3 MIsSLoNeLy   (06/May/2011 8:13 PM)
Thx for the hard wooooorrrk >_<

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2 allysya95   (06/May/2011 2:06 PM)
Waah! Love ya! love

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1 dutchessYuki   (06/May/2011 7:35 AM)
Really can't wait for the releases (note the plural form...hehehe... really, am itching to read your stuff!) As I've said, Kudos to all of you for doing such a great job... love

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